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TracciarisorseOpen is a discipline index, equipped with its own internal search engine, built around the information needs of academic users. TracciarisorseOpen helps you take the most convenient path for your search!

Choose a discipline, add, if you want, a specific type of resource (dictionary, database, etc.) and explore your customized search path to retrieve reliable and quality open access information on the web.

This service is managed by the Monitoring, analysis and development of library services and digital reference office, with the collaboration of UNIPA librarians.

To date, there are about 1,000 indexed resources

TracciarisorseOpen Short Guide

It is a directory by subject, equipped with an internal search engine, aimed at meeting the information and cognitive needs of academic users.

TracciarisorseOpen has as its priority objective to index digital open access, quality, and accredited resources, belonging to the most varied university disciplines.

The user-friendly interface of TracciarisorseOpen allows not only to select the disciplinary scope but at the same time also the type of resource object of interest (database, EJournals, Ebooks, dictionary etc.) thus allowing the user to identify targeted and personalized search paths aimed at finding trusted resources on the network.

The service is aimed at students, but it is also a valid research tool for teachers, researchers, librarians, the university's technical and administrative staff, and for anyone who wants to carry out research on the net.


TracciarisorseOpen for students: it is a valid tool to find material for the drafting of papers and thesis. The disciplines indexed in TracciarisorseOpen in fact follow the university's educational offer and reflect its complex and consolidated scientific articulation.


TracciarisorseOpen for teachers and researchers: The tool facilitates scientific research by indexing accredited and quality free open access resources.

Resources for measuring and evaluating scientific productivity, resources for patent research and teaching materials for students have also been included.

TracciarisorseOpen for librarians: Provides valuable support for disciplinary reference activity and user orientation.


TracciarisorseOpen for technical and administrative staff: it is a valuable aid for office work. It is in fact possible to find legal sources of quality with free access: regulations, journals, jurisprudence, press agencies, etc.


What's inside TracciarisorseOpen?

Within TracciarisorseOpen it is possible to find indexed digital resources with free access currently selected and carefully evaluated by the Monitoring, analysis and development office of library services and digital reference with the collaboration of University’s librarians.

In selecting resources, priority was given to general disciplinary research tools particularly suitable for academic users: editorial platforms, databases, repositories, digital libraries, online catalogues, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, search engines, portals, sites, social networks, etc.

Thanks to the provision of quality open access scientific resources, TracciarisorseOpen contributes to the promotion of Open Access within the University of Palermo, which in 2004 expressed its support for the international Open Access movement by signing the Messina Declaration in support of open access to scientific literature.


Who's behind TracciarisorseOpen:

TracciarisorseOpen is a project currently coordinated by the Monitoring, analysis and development office of library services and digital reference that inherited it in 2017 from the Digital Library office that had designed the tool and put it into production in 2014 with the aim of promoting the use of electronic resources, both those of the University and open access on the network, to academic users with particular attention to the information needs of students.


Ongoing and future activities

The current presence of the Discovery Tool Service in which all the digital reserved access resources, purchased centrally by the University are indexed, together with open access resources, has led us to make a different choice in relation to the contents to be inserted: we are in fact proceeding gradually to the exclusive insertion of open access resources with characteristics and with paths dedicated to specific categories of users, updated in relation to the current study courses.



Grow TracciarisorseOpen

If you know a quality and accredited Open Access resource you can report it by sending the title of the resource, the web address to reach it and a short description.

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A&I: la Biblioteca virtuale di Architettura ed Ingegneria

Annotated index of websites in the fields of Architecture and Engineering developed by the CoBAI - Coordinamento Biblioteche dell'Area delle Scienze Architettoniche e Ingegneristiche dell'Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza". Users can use two search paths: "Architettura" and "Ingegneria", the first covering specific subjects in Architecture (Archaeology, Composition, Restoration, History, Urban Planning) the first covering specific branches in Engineering: Aeronautics, Environment and Planning, Civil, Chemical, Information, Mechanics, Energy and Telecommunication. For each branch, a wide range of information is offer through websites of databases, institutions, legislation, journals, services, universities.


I.Stat is the datawarehouse with free access to the statistics produced by Istat, the national institute that offers the most authoritative information for Italian statistics. The system is currently being populated, so it incorporates a subset of the data currently provided by Istat. Statistics are organized by themes structured in a two-level hierarchical tree. The data are presented in aggregate form in multidimensional tables, with the possibility of composing personalized tables and graphs, acting on the variables, the reference periods and the arrangement of heads and sides. The system can be queried in the following ways: by keyword, by theme and by territory. 

ICAR - Istituto di Calcolo e Reti ad Alte Prestazioni del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

The Institute of High Performance Computing and Networks of the National Research Council (ICAR-CNR) offers innovative solutions in terms of research, technology transfer and high training, in the area of intelligent systems with complex functionality (cognitive and robotic systems, representation, extraction and management of knowledge, human-machine interaction, optimization) and high-performance systems (cloud computing, parallel and distributed environments, advanced technologies for the Internet). The Institute develops significant applications in the field of electronic health, energy, security, bioinformatics, cultural heritage and smart cities.

ICheme Institution of Chemical Engineers

The Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) is the global professional organization for chemical and biochemical engineers and other professionals involved in the chemical industries.

ICON: Italian Culture on the Net

Digital library of texts of Italian literature that makes available hundreds of works by some of the most important authors of Italian literature. After registration, you can read the texts online or download them.

IET Digital Library

Over 100,000 technical documents taken from publications, periodicals, conference proceedings and seminars of the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology): citations and abstracts are available free of charge.

IIE---Institute of Industrial Engineers

IISE is the largest professional company in the world dedicated exclusively to supporting the profession of industrial engineer and to people involved in improving quality and productivity. Founded in 1948, IISE is an international non-profit association that provides guidance for the application, education, training, research and development of industrial engineering

IMDb: The Internet Movie Database

Cinema database: retrieves information on films, actors, directors, DVDs, television programs, commercials, etc. It gives news about the actors and directors, and also proposes the plots of the films and reviews

IMF Working Papers

Collection of working papers published by the International Monetary Fund since 1997.

Impronte digitali

Impronte digitali is the project of digitization of rare and valuable works coming from the libraries of the University of Florence born with the dual purpose both to preserve the originals from the possible damage deriving from direct consultation and to contribute to the dissemination of the cultural heritage of the University libraries, guaranteeing online access to a selection of valuable specimens in their possession

INASP - International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications

Servizio web che ha per obiettivo la promozione dell'accesso all’informazione scientifica accademica a livello internazionale. Mette a disposizione un indice ragionato di risorse in rete ad accesso aperto, tra cui segnaliamo le risorse multidisciplinari e le risorse per soggetto.

Index Copernicus

Piattaforma di comunicazione web-based finalizzata alla creazione di team di ricerca per dare agli scienziati  di tutto il mondo la possibilità di collaborare a distanza su obiettivi condivisi e scambiare informazioni in tempo reale.  Sul sito è presente una sezione dedicata agli istituti di ricerca (IC Institutions)  che, fornendo l'accesso ad informazioni aggiornate, statistiche e dati analitici sui risultati ottenuti dagli scienziati, agevola le decisioni in relazione all'allocazione delle risorse finanziarie disponibili per la ricerca. Un'altra sezione (IC Journals) è dedicata agli editori di piccole e medie dimensioni per aiutarli ad accrescere la  loro visibilità internazionale in rete. 

Index Theologicus

Banca dati a cura dell'Università di Tubinga: recupera informazioni bibliografiche tratte da periodici, atti di convegni, studi di argomento teologico.

Index translationum

International repertoire (created in 1932) of works translated all over the world by over one hundred nations belonging to UNESCO. The database collects works in all disciplines, searchable according to various criteria. The index is useful to know the titles already translated into the different languages and to evaluate the popularity of an author through the translations that have been made of his works.

INDIRE: Istituto Nazionale di Documentazione per l'Innovazione e la Ricerca Educativa

Website of the National Institute of Documentation for Innovation and Educational Research dedicated to the updating and online training of Italian teachers. It is a container of information that collects national and European projects, experiences and good practices, e-learning initiatives, repertoires, bibliographic databases and educational and pedagogical portals.


International web magazine dedicated to the places where design, architecture and art are exhibited: museums, exhibition centers, exhibitions, festivals and fairs, in Europe and the United States. It also contains a rich photo archive.

nformation portal for the nursing profession, with ample space dedicated to guidelines and protocols.

inFormaOPAC - InFormare sull'uso del catalogo online delle biblioteche

Short brochure dedicated to the use of the online catalog of the Libraries of the University of Palermo.

Information literacy / Biblioteca universitaria di Lugano

Corso di formazione a distanza finalizzato ad acquisire le competenze necessarie a trovare, valutare e gestire le informazioni e le risorse informative disponibili in biblioteca e in rete. Il tutorial è  ad accesso libero ed è stato realizzato a cura della Biblioteca universitaria di Lugano.

Informazioni tecniche: risorse web per ingegneri, architetti e tecnici dell'edilizia

Portal dedicated to professionals in the construction sector; collects a large amount of sector documentation structured by thematic channels.

The professional community of Italian engineers.

Ingegneria Geotecnica

Website managed by a team of geotechnical engineers that provides links to useful publications such as documents, books, manuals, theses, available online for free.

INGV: Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia

The official website of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology

Inner body

Three-dimensional atlas of anatomy full of realistic descriptions and illustrations.

Institutional Repository of the Freie Università Berlin

It is the Institutional Repository of the Freie University of Berlin containing theses and dissertations and other open access school works.


Open Access publisher that allows publication according to the rules of copyleft and using Creative Commons licenses. All editorial production (books and magazines) is open access.
Disciplines covered: materials sciences, biomedical engineering.

International Mathematics Union

The IMU is an international non-profit scientific organization, with the aim of promoting international cooperation in the field of mathematics. He is a member of the International Council for Science (ICSU) and has repeatedly endorsed the principle of freedom, responsibility and universality of science promoted by ICSU.
The objectives of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) are: 

• Promote international cooperation in mathematics
• support and attend the International Congress of Mathematicians and other scientific meetings or international conferences
• encourage and support other international mathematical activities to contribute to the development of mathematical science in any of its aspects, pure, applied or educational



Internet Archive: Ebook and Texts

The archive of ebooks and electronic texts (over 3,500,000 digital objects) of the Internet Archive, the large non-profit digital library active since 1996 that offers a permanent digital space for access to collections of digital material of various kinds (websites, audio, video, software and books).

Internet per gli Umanisti

Portal of resources and useful tools for online research of the humanities (addressed in particular to students of Literature and Philosophy) by Claudio Favale of the University of Trento. It contains a rich siteography divided into the following disciplinary areas: Americanistics, English, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Cultural Heritage, Philologies, Philosophy, French, Geography, Germanistics, Greek, Humanities, Iberistics, Italianistics, Latin, Varied Literature, Linguistics, Medieval, Museology, Musicology, Pedagogy, Prehistory, Religion, Romanistics, Communication Sciences, Slavistics, Entertainment, History, Classical Studies and Antiquities, Renaissance Studies, Late Antiquity..


IntraText is a large humanistic digital library that offers the possibility to read complete texts (texts, periodicals, Opera Omnia, archives) on religious, philosophical, literary and scientific topics in more than 40 different languages. The texts have a hypertextual appearance, with complete concordances and word lists. It is structured in five areas: Religious, Latin, Italian, Scientific and Varied). The catalogue in Italian contains over 3,000 texts.

IPL: Business and Economics

Section on the economic sciences of the IPL2 index, selection of quality reasoned internet resources.

IPL: Education

Section on Pedagogy of the IPL2 index, selection of quality reasoned internet resources.

IPL: Health and Medical Sciences

Medicine section of the IPL2 index, selection of quality reasoned internet resources.

IPL: Science and Technology

Section relating to the scientific and technological area of the IPL2 index, selection of quality reasoned internet resources.

IPL: Social Sciences

Social sciences section of the IPL2 index, selection of quality reasoned internet resources.

IPL2 : information you can trust

Free information service: it offers an index of quality reasoned internet resources, selected by ipl2 staff, which cover all disciplinary areas and are searchable by word or by subject.


The Institut de recherche et documentation en économie de la santé (Irdes), established as a public interest group (GIP), produces independent research, the results of which are disseminated through scientific publications and brings together a multidisciplinary team of economists, sociologists, geographers, public health doctors and statisticians of about 30 researchers, supported by database managers and editorial communication services, documentation, web , and administrative.

ISPRA - Banche dati

Over 60 databases managed by ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale) created with the aim of promoting and disseminating environmental information.


Database of the Istituto Superiore della Sanità which carries out research, experimentation, control, consultancy, documentation and training in the field of public health.

ISTAT: databases and information systems

Access portal to databases containing economic and social statistical data on Italy by the Italian Institute of Statistics

Istituto di Ricerche sulla Popolazione e le Politiche Sociali (IRPPS)

IRPPS is an interdisciplinary research institute that conducts studies on demographic and migration issues, welfare systems and social policies, policies related to science, technology, higher education, the relationship between science and society, as well as access to and dissemination of knowledge and information technology. The editorial activity of the Irpps is expressed through the publication of articles in national and international journals of proven scientific relevance, books, conference proceedings, reports and working papers. IRPPS publications are available in full-text, when not subject to copyright constraints.

Istituto Nazionale per il Commercio Estero (ICE)

Sito di informazione sulle finalità e le attività dell'ICE. Contiene tra l’altro il testo integrale del "Rapporto sul commercio estero", del bollettino "Scambi con l'estero" e dei "Quaderni di ricerca".

Italianistica online

Portal of literature, language, Italian culture on the net, Italianistica online is a project of humanistic informatics and deals specifically with Italian studies on the net, not italianistics tout court. It selects and reports telematic resources and contains one of the most exhaustive repertoire of websites for Italian studies on the net and numerous materials for the study of Italian literature; supports the practices of archiving and open access to scientific publications.


Bibliographic database that indexes Italian and foreign italian magazines with coverage since 2000. Abstract for each article.


Database on a pharmacology guide, based on contributions from experienced pharmacologists. IUPHAR-DB ( was developed from 2003-2014.

IusImpresa: osservatorio bibliografico del Diritto dell'Economia

Portal of economic law with free access, subject to registration. IusImpresa offers to operators of law and accounting and financial technique a database for the recovery of the bibliographic details of the Doctrine of economic law, published since January 2001. It has a specific search engine for the recovery of judgment notes. The disciplinary branches covered are: private law, administrative law, civil law, banking and financial intermediary law, labour law, commercial law, bankruptcy law, industrial law, criminal law, tax law, Community law, it law, accounting practice and technique, accounting economics and finance.


Search engine of Italian and European law.