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TracciarisorseOpen is a discipline index, equipped with its own internal search engine, built around the information needs of academic users. TracciarisorseOpen helps you take the most convenient path for your search!

Choose a discipline, add, if you want, a specific type of resource (dictionary, database, etc.) and explore your customized search path to retrieve reliable and quality open access information on the web.

This service is managed by the Monitoring, analysis and development of library services and digital reference office, with the collaboration of UNIPA librarians.

To date, there are about 1,000 indexed resources

TracciarisorseOpen Short Guide

It is a directory by subject, equipped with an internal search engine, aimed at meeting the information and cognitive needs of academic users.

TracciarisorseOpen has as its priority objective to index digital open access, quality, and accredited resources, belonging to the most varied university disciplines.

The user-friendly interface of TracciarisorseOpen allows not only to select the disciplinary scope but at the same time also the type of resource object of interest (database, EJournals, Ebooks, dictionary etc.) thus allowing the user to identify targeted and personalized search paths aimed at finding trusted resources on the network.

The service is aimed at students, but it is also a valid research tool for teachers, researchers, librarians, the university's technical and administrative staff, and for anyone who wants to carry out research on the net.


TracciarisorseOpen for students: it is a valid tool to find material for the drafting of papers and thesis. The disciplines indexed in TracciarisorseOpen in fact follow the university's educational offer and reflect its complex and consolidated scientific articulation.


TracciarisorseOpen for teachers and researchers: The tool facilitates scientific research by indexing accredited and quality free open access resources.

Resources for measuring and evaluating scientific productivity, resources for patent research and teaching materials for students have also been included.

TracciarisorseOpen for librarians: Provides valuable support for disciplinary reference activity and user orientation.


TracciarisorseOpen for technical and administrative staff: it is a valuable aid for office work. It is in fact possible to find legal sources of quality with free access: regulations, journals, jurisprudence, press agencies, etc.


What's inside TracciarisorseOpen?

Within TracciarisorseOpen it is possible to find indexed digital resources with free access currently selected and carefully evaluated by the Monitoring, analysis and development office of library services and digital reference with the collaboration of University’s librarians.

In selecting resources, priority was given to general disciplinary research tools particularly suitable for academic users: editorial platforms, databases, repositories, digital libraries, online catalogues, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, search engines, portals, sites, social networks, etc.

Thanks to the provision of quality open access scientific resources, TracciarisorseOpen contributes to the promotion of Open Access within the University of Palermo, which in 2004 expressed its support for the international Open Access movement by signing the Messina Declaration in support of open access to scientific literature.


Who's behind TracciarisorseOpen:

TracciarisorseOpen is a project currently coordinated by the Monitoring, analysis and development office of library services and digital reference that inherited it in 2017 from the Digital Library office that had designed the tool and put it into production in 2014 with the aim of promoting the use of electronic resources, both those of the University and open access on the network, to academic users with particular attention to the information needs of students.


Ongoing and future activities

The current presence of the Discovery Tool Service in which all the digital reserved access resources, purchased centrally by the University are indexed, together with open access resources, has led us to make a different choice in relation to the contents to be inserted: we are in fact proceeding gradually to the exclusive insertion of open access resources with characteristics and with paths dedicated to specific categories of users, updated in relation to the current study courses.



Grow TracciarisorseOpen

If you know a quality and accredited Open Access resource you can report it by sending the title of the resource, the web address to reach it and a short description.

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An online project developed by four French publishers (Belin, De Boeck, La Découverte and Erès), supported since 2006 by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, which offers access to a great amount of scholarly journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) sector. Resources can be searched either by keyword or by discipline (the catalogue covers a large number of subjects, spreading from arts to politics, economy and psychology. Often the full-text version of the retrieved papers is available to the users (except for the most recent ones)


Calisphere is a portal that provides access to the digital collections of California's large libraries, archives, and museums. Calisphere allows free access to unique and historically important resources for research, teaching and curious exploration: over 750,000 photographs, documents, letters, works of art, diaries, oral histories, films, advertisements, music recordings and more.


Digital database of photos of plants, animals, fossils, landscapes and people from all over the world, originated from a project by the Biodiversity Sciences Technology group (BSCIT) of the University of Berkeley, California. Each photo is associated with descriptive, taxonomical and geographical information. The database growth is around 2,000 new photos per month.

Camera dei Deputati - Risorse internet di interesse parlamentare

An index of websites of Parliamentary interest, developed by the Library of the Camera dei Deputati (one branch of the Italian Parliament).

Catalogo bibliografico di Ateneo - Università degli studi di Palermo

This website allows users to search through all the contents of the catalogue (books, journals, and other media) owned by libraries in the University of Palermo, with information about the location of copies. For each bibliographic record in the OPAC, the user is given additional information on how to read and / or borrow the copies, whenever available. The system also allows for prior booking of the items needed by the users.

Catalogo digitale Fototeca Zeri

Digital catalogue of photos with over 106,000 images which regard Italian painting from 13rd to 18th century, and over 1,300 images of Italian sculpture of the 15th century.

Catalogo italiano dei periodici (ACNP)

A database containing bibliographical descriptions and useful information on the issues of journals owned / accessed by University libraries all over Italy, in any field of study.

CCFR: Catalogue collectif de France

A Metaopac for simultaneous searches across the three biggest library catalogues in France (BNF, SUDOC e Base Patrimoine), with copy locations registered for more than 15 million documents.

Centro Maderna : documentazione, formazione e ricerca sulla condizione anziana

A resource of the Centro Maderna, a documentation and research centre that focuses on the living conditions of elderly people. The website provides users with access to two databases: the first is a bibliographical database covering the most important scientific literature on the subject, the second is a specialised database on legal matters, featuring documents, guides and monographic publications on the current national laws on the subject.


Centro nazionale di documentazione e analisi per l'infanzia e l'adolescenza - Banche dati

Databases on childhood and adolescence. Banche dati sui temi dell'infanzia e dell'adolescenza. The user can search through the materials included in four different catalogues and two databases with one single search engine.

Centro Studi EBN - Policlinico S. Orsola Malpighi, Bologna

Web portal devoted to the Evidence Based Nursing method. It allows the user to access numerous resources on nursing and articles on the applications of the Evidence Based Nursing  in Medicine. It also features and index of websites and online resources on the subject for different Health professionals.

Centro Studi Gruppo Abele - Banca dati

Database run by the Centro Studi of the Gruppo Abele. It features bibliographical records (including short abstracts) of all the books, journals, articles, documents, dissertations and films related to subjects of social importance which are available at the Library and Documentation centre of the Centro studi. 

CeRDEF: Centro di documentazione tributaria / Ministero dell'economia e delle finanze

Database created by the Italian Ministry of Economy that features taxation documents as well as all the resolutions, circulars, press releases and administrative documents on the current national and local tax legislation.

CERL: Manoscritti e materiale a stampa antico

Portal developed by the Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL) which provides access to databases of manuscripts from all ages, early printed books (uo to 1830) and other special collections hosted by many different libraries in Europe, USA and Austrialia.

CERN document server

A web directory featuring bibliographical news, full-text documents, preprints, articles, journals, books, photos and other multimedia materials regarding Physics, and especially Physics of particles.

CESifo Working Papers

A collection of working papers ranging from 2002, published by the Institute for Economic Research of Munich 

Che cos'è il plagio / a cura di Roberta Sato

A presentation adapted from the original “Is it Plagiarism?” by the University of Wisconsin - EauClaire, USA (14/4/2010)

A search engine with formulas and structures of chemical compounds.

A search engine developed by ChemAxon for searching chemical and physical data associated to a particular substance. The user can search either by name of the substance, or by URL address of a website, or by uploading a file which contains chemical information.


A vast database edited by the National Library of Medicine, that can help to search across and retrieve over 380,000 records describing chemical substances. The database also allows to visualize the structure of chemical formulas.


Search engine and directory of websites on Chemical industry and Chemistry in general. It provides access to millions of full-text documents useful for professionals in the chemical sector, regarding services, tools and resources, bodies, software, firms and societies.

Chemistry Central: open access in chemistry

A digital platform (being a part of BioMed Central) that publishes a number of open access journals in the field of Chemistry and offer links to other online resources.

ChemSpider: building community for chemists

A search engine specialised in Chemistry and in retrieving records of chemical compunds. Resources can be searched by their commercial name, by IUPAC or SMILES code, etc.


A large database devoted to cinema. It features over 50,000 records of movies with information about the cast, the plot, the credits, along with bibliographical profiles for both film directors and actors.


cIRcle is the open access repository of material, published and not, created by the British Columbia University community with the aim of freely preserving and disseminating UBC's intellectual output. It contains articles, conferences and workshop papers, theses, technical reports, working papers, books, databases, multimedia and audiovisual materials including podcasts, webcasts, and more.

Citazioni bibliografiche: criteri e indicazioni / Ilaria Moroni

Several examples of bibliograhic citation given to help authors to correctly describe tha main citable types of sources.

Citazioni bibliografiche secondo il Chicago manual of style / Francesco Dell'Orso

A guide by Francesco Dell'Orso, targeted to university students, researchers, professors and more in general academic authors to help them in bibliographic citation through the use of the Chicago manual of style without necessarily using its complete edition.

CiteSeer: Scientific Literature Digital Library

A database in Information science that indexes over 1,500,000 documents along with their abstracts and citation indexes.

A Web portal with documentation on Civil Law.

CNBA – Coordinamento nazionale biblioteche di architettura

Official website of the "Coordinamento nazionale biblioteche di architettura" (CNBA), a consortium for library cooperation in the field of Architecture, where libraries and documentation centres offer access to information, publication news, digital resources, conferences and meetings, and more.


Official website of the "Ordine nazionale degli assistenti sociali" (a professional body in the field of social assistance).


Open archive of free full-text article journals in the following areas of study and research: Psicology, Neuroscience, Linguistics, Information science, Philosophy, Biology.

Collezione di spogli di argomento storico / Biblioteca del Dipartimento di Storia Università di Padova

Database comprising materials such as scientific journal articles, working papers and miscellaneous contributions contained in works of historic interest.

Columbia Encyclopedia

The Columbia online encyclopedia offers over 57,000 entries in various subject areas and many research categories (atlants, dictionaries, almanacchi, biographies)

Come scrivere un testo senza violare i diritti altrui

A Wikipedia record offering a number of useful tips for riediting and paraphrasing texts correctly, without incurring plagiarism.

Come si scrive una tesi di laurea / Arjuna Tuzzi

Practical advice on how to write a degree thesis.

Commissione per le adozioni internazionali

The official website of the Italian Commission for International Adoptions, where users can find information about national and international laws and procedures for child adoption.


Common Chemistry

Search engine that can retrieve over 8,000 chemical substances. The user can search either by name of the substance or by CAS Registry Number. The records feature the chemical formula of the substance structure and, where available, the link to Wikipedia’s “WikiProject Chemicals”.

Compendio di storia della scrittura latina / Fernando J. de Lasala

Very useful manual of Latin Paleography for students, edited by Fernando J. de Lasala, Professor at the Pontificia Università Gregoriana, Rome.

Comunità di Geologia - Dolfrang

The Blog collects a series of articles and references concerning geology and geophysics, in particular data acquisition techniques in the field of geophysics and seismology. The topics covered are: trommography, data acquisition, HVSR - Nakamura method, manuals for using the main free acquisition and processing programs (GEOPSY - DINVER, Masw; MR REMI).

Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura - Collection of views

Collection of views issued by the Higher Council of the Judiciary since 1978.

CONSOB - National Commission for Enterprises and Stock market

Access to the documents regarding the activities of the National Commission for Enterprises and Stock market (CONSOB).


Constitution finder

Free access database developed by the University of Richmond School of Law. It includes the National Statutes for every country in the world, both in the original language and in English.

Consulta online - Corte costituzionale

Website which allows the user to read the full-text sentences approved by the Corte Costituzionale, the Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic, from 1956 and gives the user access to a series of online specialistic resources.


Collective catalogue for searching the bibliographic materials owned by the most important British and Irish libraries, including the British Library.


Cordis is a project of the European Commission. It is a repository and a portal for businesses and professionals in research and development. The aim is to foster networking among European researchers, in order to make research information under the 7th Framework Programme more easily accessible. The website and the repository allow for registered users to disseminate the research outputs, send out news and information on events, search for technological and research partnerships, address proposals to the EU Commission with regard to public calls for experts in the assessment of research proposals and project monitoring.

Corriere della Sera: archives

The newspaper "Il Corriere della sera" offers free access to its digital archive. Users can search and browse through a million articles ranging from 1992 until today. Full-text visualization is allowed for all papers published during last two weeks, and for all those whose length does not exceed a thousand characters.

Corte costituzionale - Sentences

Official website of the Constitutional Court, which allows the user to access the textes of the sentences and judgements by the Court from 1956 on.

Corte dei Conti - Database

A database containing the full-text version of all decisions taken by the Italian Court of Audit, from 2001 on.

Corte di giustizia e Tribunale di primo grado dell'Unione Europea - CURIA

The sentences by the European Court of justice and the EU General Court are accessible online in full-text version through the court Website, through the database CURIA. By means of a specific search interface, CURIA allows users to retrieve information on recent jurisprudential acts (from June 1997 until today), and the full-text of verdicts by the European Court of justice and the EU General Court. For the sentences before 1997, specific ordered lists are available, with reference to EUR-Lex database. See the Database content.


Didactic web platform on the Costituzione italiana, freely available on the Italian Parliament's website.

Online directory collecting articles and links that may be useful in the field of construction by focusing on the educational, legislative and cultural aspects. Its aim is to promote cultural exchanges and to create a virtual community for engineers, architects, surveyors, students, qualified workers and businesses in the sector.

Cours de paléographie en ligne

A selection of websites on paleography, with exercises and learning materials (in French).

Cronologie: mille anni di storia della scienza

Website maintained by the Institute and Museum of Science History in Florence. The timeline is divided into subject-based sections to allow users to access them separately: Science (in general), Institutions, Astronomy, Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Natural Science and Geology, Applied Sciences.