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CdL-Triennale Scienze Biologiche - B.Sc. in Biological Sciences - Web Site

CdL-Magistrale Biologia della Salute - MSc Health Biology - Web Site

CdL-Magistrale Biologia Cellulare e Molecolare - MSc Cellular and Molecular Biology - Web Site

Universita' degli Studi di Palermo - University of Palermo - Web Site


Department STEBICEF (Biological Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies) 

Viale delle Scienze, Ed.16 - 90128 PALERMO 


Situated in the South-west of Palermo, the campus combines modern architecture with green open spaces.

The campus is surrounded by the Orleans’ Park, but just a few minutes away from the historic city centre.

Main campus is on most major bus routes and is less than 15 minutes walk from the mainline railway station.

The metro goes round the historic centre from Central Station, running approximately every 30 minutes.

Building 16 was designed by celebrated architect Vittorio Gregotti, in 1969.