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Winter School





Winter School


Winter School 2016 – Italian VersionEnglish version – Chinese version

Edizione 2014 Scarica la brochure – English Version

Palermo, an alive city with a clearskyeven in Winter

Palermo, the capital of Sicily, one of the biggest and most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean. Here you can explore the rich art, the good food, the beautiful coastline and enjoy the perfect weather, spending the day both in the city and by the sea. Palermo is the capital of art and culture thanks to its Arabic, Norman, Byzantine signs and its ancient buildings, as well as the modern and contemporary art galleries and theaters, including one of the most important in Europe, the Teatro Massimo. In Palermo even the food is famous all around the world. Palermo is one of the world’s capitals of street food, and has an important tradition of food and wine that reveals its past and its multicultural present.Compared to other cities of Italy, Palermo stands out not only for its rich artistic heritage but for the mild and sunny weather it has throughout the year. Even in winter you can enjoy a beautiful and clear sky.



Courses Winter School in Palermo – Edition 2016 (1st of February to 11th of March)

The Winter School 2016 includes three intensive courses (purchased separately) of 40 hours and of all levels, from entry level to advanced level.
The course schedule is as follows: February 1 to 12; February 15 to 26; February 29 to March 11.
Classroom lessons with qualified native teachers are followed by afternoon activities both with teachers and with tutors, young college students, who help each student in the classroom and discover the cultural and recreational activities in the city.


Italian and Cookery

A perfect combination for enjoying the Italian culture through one of its most important components: food! The practical cooking lessons are taught by qualified chefs and during the lesson a specialized teacher will provide an overview of the most famous Sicilian cooking traditions and dishes in the world. Participants will be able to experience the preparation of recipes with quality ingredients and taste all food prepared in an relaxing and fun atmosphere. Activities include two hours for studying the culture and the traditions of Sicilian food and 8 hours of practical workshops.

Flavors of music
The School offers an immersion into the ancient and contemporary Italian music. Students will discover this important and fascinating aspect of Italian culture, through Italian and music which include listening and demonstrations of use of musical instrumentsWhat we offer in addition to the course:   activities outside the classroom


Guided visits to the main monuments of Palermo

The Politeama Theatre, the Massimo Theatre, Cappuccini catacombs, the Prisons of the Inquisition, the Cathedral, Piazza Pretoria, many churches and monuments of the Norman and Arabic period. All our students, guided by a qualified teacher in art and young tutors, will have the chance to discover the rich artistic heritage of Palermo through cultural walks in town.

Aperitifs and evening parties

Every weekend the School organizes “aperitivo” (a pre-meal drink served  with a wide variety of finger food) in popular bars of the city center where you will enjoy concerts and live music. The aperitif is often accompanied by concerts and live music. There are also many Erasmus parties organized by city associations in which the school students can participate


Trips in the main tourist destinations of Sicily

Students of the Winter School will be accompanied by professors and tutors to discover the most popular tourist destinations of Sicily, such as Cefalù, Agrigento and Taormina. Dates, destinations and prices (not included in the price of the course) will be communicated during the course. This activity will be carried out only if there is an adequate number of bookings.

Palermo, the capital of street food 

“Panelle, crocché, arancine, panino con la milza, sfincione, cannoli” are the symbols of a thousand-year old gastronomic tradition that brings together Arabs, Jews, Spaniards, Normans and other populations who used to live in Sicily. A gastronomic walk to find out unique smells and tastes will guide you to enjoy the street food of Palermo.

Some things offered by the city of Palermo

Evenings in the most important theaters of the city

In Palermo, a city well known for its many cultural activities, you can find several theaters where you can enjoy high level performances during the winter festivals. Among them, the Massimo Theatre (the third largest theater in Europe) with it’s operas, and the Biondo Theatre, with comedies and plays written by both classical and contemporary authors.
Supported by the professors of the school, students can choose the best shows offered in Palermo.

Books and CDs presentations

In major bookstores of Palermo (La Feltrinelli, Mondadori) on the weekend afternoons important books and CDs presentations take place. During the events you can meet contemporary Italian authors and musicians. It will be easy for the students of the Winter School (accompanied by a tutor) to participate to these events in the city center.

studentiDiscover the previous editions
To discover all the activities carried out during the previous editions of the Winter and the Summer School visit & Search sections “Winter School” and “Summer School” in the menu of the courses. Or visit our facebook profile ( and see our albums.

And after the Winter School? “Italian all year round” and the “Summer School 2016”.
The School has courses of Italian language and culture during the whole year with different intensities:  semi-intensive courses for a total number of 40 hours in 4 weeks and intensive courses for a total number of 40 hours in 2 weeks. Also in 2016, the Summer School will take place in July, August and September. All our students will be involved in entertaining activities by the sea, boat rides and excursions alongside the Sicilian coastline. Also during the summer courses, young Italian university students will assisted by our students inside and outside the classroom. Special fares and price reductions will be available if you  enroll  in more than one summer course or if you have already studied Italian during the Winter School.

18/ 01- 12 / 02 – Lesson hours: 40, cost € 250
15-26 / 02: lesson hours 40, cost € 300
29/ 02 -11/ 03: lesson hours 40, cost € 300
Italian & Cookery: lesson hours 10, cost € 90

On your request, the School will select and suggest an accommodation close to the premises of the School. Based on availability, the School will give you advice on arranging your accommodation in selected B&Bs, hotels, holiday rentals, hostels. *

*  Please note that the School is not responsible for the relationship between the hotel facilities and the customers.
The School simply provides a list of accommodation facilities with the related prices and the customers book the preferred accommodation. However, we recommend you to mention that you are students of the Italian Language School