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TRAINING / IEEE Webinar Standards


Martedì 8 Dicembre IEEE terrà un Webinar sulle StandardsChi vorrà partecipare potrà scegliere tra due identiche sessioni, una alle 14  e l’altra alle 18,  sessioni di un’ora ciascuna su questi argomenti:

 "An Inside Look at IEEE Standards"  This training will cover:

 - New standards from partner organizations now available in IEEE Xplore

- A preview of upcoming additional Standards features

- Locating valuable learning tools related to IEEE Standards

- A review of the new layout with added features

- Creating "real-time" alerts for standard update

- How to quickly find standards by keyword or root number

- Determining which standards you can access in full text based on customer subscription


Ci si potrà registrare alla sessione scelta dal link: