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Seminario: "Wave, Touch, Look! — Novel interaction modalities for large public displays" (10 novembre 2016, ore 10)


Giovedì 10 novembre 2016, alle ore 10 in aula C330 (III piano Presidenza Scuola Politecnica, viale delle Scienze, edificio 7),
il prof. Florian Alt, del Group for Media Informatics presso la Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität di Monaco di Baviera (LMU Munich),
terrà un seminario dal titolo:

"Wave, Touch, Look! — Novel interaction modalities for large public displays"

Il seminario sarà tenuto in Inglese ed è orientato a tutti gli interessati all’argomento, per scopi di studio, di ricerca e applicativi.

In quella occasione, il dott. Mohamed Khamis, dottorando presso il Group for Media Informatics di LMU Munich, e il dott. Vito Gentile, dottorando presso il nostro Dipartimento dell’Innovazione Industriale e Digitale, presenteranno le attività di ricerca in corso, con due interventi su “Gaze interaction in public spaces” e “Gesture interaction with public displays” rispettivamente.


Fueled by falling display hardware costs and rising demand, digital
signage and pervasive displays are becoming ever more ubiquitous. Such
systems have traditionally been used for advertising and information
dissemination with digital signage commonplace in shopping malls,
airports and public spaces. While advertising and broadcasting
announcements remain important applications, developments in sensing
and interaction technologies are enabling entirely new classes of
display applications that tailor content to the situation and audience
of the display. As a result, signage systems are beginning to
transition from simple broadcast systems to rich platforms for
communication and interaction.
In the first part of this workshop we provide an introduction to this
emerging field. We will start by looking at different models that
explain how people act in the vicinity of public displays. Next, we
will talk about how people can be engaged to interact with such
displays. In particular, we will discuss how the attention of the
audience can be captured, how the interactivity of displays can be
communicated, and how people can be motivated to participate. The
lecture concludes with a brief overview of different techniques
suitable for interaction with large displays in public space.
The second part of the workshop will provide an overview of our
current research activity on gaze interaction in public space. At the
outset we will introduce state-of-the-art approaches to enabling
interaction with public displays using one’s eyes. We will then
present several case studies that deal with challenges display
providers are facing as they entice users to gaze-interact in public
space. In particular, we will focus on user positioning, calibration,
movement, as well as on multi-user scenarios.

Florian Alt's Short bio
Florian Alt is a professor in the Group for Media Informatics at the
LMU Munich since October 2013. His research interests are at the
crossroads of pervasive computing and HCI. He is particularly
interested in ubiquitous interactive systems with a focus on
interaction with large displays in public spaces as well as with
usable privacy and security. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from
the University of Stuttgart and a diploma in media informatics from
the LMU Munich. Between 2008 and 2012 he was a research associate at
the University of Duisburg-Essen and later at the University of
Stuttgart, where he finished his dissertation on “A Design Space for
Pervasive Advertising on Public Displays”. Further appointments
include a job as web developer for Pinnacle Systems (Mountain View,
US) and as IT specialist for Schreiner MediPharm LP (New York, US). He
was a visiting researcher at the Telekom Innovation Labs (TU Berlin,
2011) as well as a guest lecturer for Pervasive Computing (University
of Duisburg-Essen, 2012) and Unconventional User Interaction
(University of Linz, 2013). Florian is the PC Chair for ACM Mobile and
Ubiquitous Multimedia 2016 and previously chaired the program
committee of the ACM Symposium on Pervasive Displays 2015. He is
co-author on a Synthesis Lecture textbook on “Pervasive Displays
-Understanding the Future of Digital Signage”.