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SEMINARIO/SIBBM 2012 “Frontiers in Molecular Biology 2012”


Da giovedì 24 a sabato 26 maggio 2012, nella sala Magna dello Steri, è ospitato SIBBM 2012 “Frontiers in Molecular Biology 2012”. L’iniziativa è stata organizzata dalla Società di Biofisica e Biologia molecolare.
Thursday, 24 May
10:30-13:45 - Registration
14:00-14:15 - Welcome Address Giovanni Spinelli (Director of STEMBIO, Palermo)
Valerio Orlando (SIBBM President), Pier Paolo Di Fiore (ABCD President)
Session I - Environment, Stress & Epigenetics Chair: Davide Corona (Palermo)
14:15-14:55 - Keynote Lecture: Sergio Pimpinelli (Rome) Environmental stress, transposons and evolution
14:55-15:20 - EMBO YIP Lecture: Fabrizio D’Adda di Fagagna (Milan) Molecular mechanisms of cellular senescence
15:20-15:45 - Stefan Schoeftner (Rome) ncRNAs tune the function of mammalian telomeres
15:45-16:00 - Fabio Ciccarone (Rome) Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation acts in DNA demethylation of mouse primordial germ cells through DNA-damage independent roles
16:00-16:15 - Angelo Rosa (Trieste) Structure and dynamics of interphase chromosomes
16:15-17:45 - Coffee Break and Poster Session I
17:45-18:00 - Dupriez Vincent (Perkin Elmer) Homogeneous microplate format assays to monitor histone modifications in biochemical and cell-based assays
18:00-18:15 - Merk presentation
18:15-18:45 - Science & Society Talk: Giuseppe Testa (Milan) Reprogramming genomes and reframing rights
18-45-19:15 - Science & Society Talk: Enzo De Simone (Naplese) How (and why) to expose high school students to the emerging concepts at the frontiers of molecular biology: five years experience with the “Eureka” project
Friday, 25 May session II
Chromatin Modifications & ncRNA Chair: Marco Bianchi (Milan)
9:00-9:40 - Keynote Lecture: Marco Bianchi (Milan) HMGB1 and the control of nucleosome number
9:40-10:05 - Armenise-Harvard Talk: Tiziana Bonaldi (Milan) Mass Spectrometry approach dissects the proteomic landscape of chromatin functional domains
10:05-10:20 - Maria Cristina Onorati (Palermo) An RNA memory mechanism to inherit epigenetic marks
10:20-10:35 - Elena Magnani (Busto Arsizio,VA) CDH1 epigenetic regulation: a role for UHRF1 modulation via promoter associated non-coding RNAs?
10:35-11:00 - Coffee Break
11:00-11:25 - Davide Gabellini (Milan) A long non-coding RNA links copy number variation to a Polycomb/Trithorax epigenetic switch in FSHD muscular dystrophy
11:25-11:40 - Francesca Munari (Göttingen, Germany) Molecular basis of hHP1β/nucleosome interaction in dependence of histone 3 methylation
11:40-11:55 - Marco Di Stefano (Trieste) Gene co-regulation and co-localization in human chromosome 19: a knowledge-based computational approach
11:55-12:15 - Progetto Bandiera - Coordinator talk: Giuseppe Macino (Rome) The Italian Epigen Project
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
Session III - Epigenetic Signaling in Development, Differentiation & Reprogramming - Chair: Giovanni Spinelli (Palermo)
14:00-14:40 - EMBO ABCD Lecture: Maria Pia Cosma (Barcelona, Spain) Wnt signalling and the reprogramming of cell fate to pluripotency
14:40-15:05 - Michelangelo Cordenonsi (Padua) The Hippo transducer TAZ confers cancer stem cell traits on breast cancer cells downstream of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and the deregulation of the cell polarity determinant Scribble
15:05-15:30 - Valerio Orlando (Rome) Epigenetic control of Repetitive Elements mobilization contributes to cell differentiation and disease
15:30-15:45 - Cecilia Battistelli (Rome) MyoD regulates p57kip2 expression by interacting with a distant cis-element and modifying a higher-order chromatin structure
15:45-16:00 - Paola Tognini (Pisa) Experience-dependent expression of miR132 regulates ocular dominance plasticity
16:00-16:20 - Editor Talk: David del Alamo (The EMBO Journal, Heidelberg, Germany) Behind the scenes of scientific publication
16:20-17:45 - Coffee Break and Poster Session II
Session IV - Functional Epigenomics Chair: Valerio Orlando (Rome)
17:45-18:25 - EMBO Lecture: Amos Tanay (Weizman, Rehovot, Israel) Hi-C and the hierarchical domain chromosomal topology
18:25-18:40 - Raffaele Giancarlo (Palermo) The chromatin organization of an eukaryotic genome: sequence specific + statistical=combinatorial
18:40-20:00 - General SIBBM Society & Board Meeting (SIBBM members only)
20:30 - Social Dinner (tickets available at SIBBM registration desk)
Saturday, 26 May - Session V - Epigenetics, Disease & Regenerative Medicine Chair: Irene Bozzoni (Rome)
9:00-9:40 - Keynote Lecture: Irene Bozzoni (Rome) The increase in complexity of the RNA landscape: new functions of non coding RNAs
9:40-9:55 - Anna Garbelli (Pavia) A new paradigm for HIV-1 chemotherapy: targeting the host cell viral cofactor DDX3
9:55-10:10 - Federica Lo Sardo (Rome) PcG-mediated higher order chromatin structures modulate replication programs at the Drosophila BX-C
10:10-10:25 - Anna Comel (Trieste) Dissecting the tumor suppression activity of the bromodomain containing protein BRD7
10:25-10:40 - Italia Anna Asteriti (Rome) A high-throughput imaging approach to study Aurora-A inhibition in human cell
10:40-11:00 - Coffee Break
11:00-11:25 - Gabriella Minchiotti (Naples) Molecular control of satellite cell lineage progression and muscle regeneration through a novel Cripto -dependent mechanism
11:25-11:50 - Vania Broccoli (Milan) Reprogramming cellular identity for in vitro modeling and replacement therapy of Parkinson's disease
12:00-12:30 - Chiara D'Onofrio "Giovani" Award (prize to be awarded to the best Selected Talk) - Final Remarks & Departure.