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Research interests


Research Activities

Environmental Water Quality Modelling
Advanced mathematical modelling techniques: uncertainty, identifiability and sensitivity analysis, error propagation, climate and land use impacts on water resources
Water Quality modelling for small river basins
Modelling nutrient bioavailability in rivers through algal assays and a mathematical growth model
Modelling, Identification and Control of Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes
Greenhouse gases and energy consumption from wastewater treatment plants
Parameter estimation and confidence region estimation for nonlinear models, with applications to environmental systems
Engineering and testing of a respirometer for activated sludge kinetics
Urban water managemet
Integrated modelling of urban water systems
Global change
Solid waste landfill
Reclamation, contaminated soils

Biological Treatment Processes for Wastewater

Modelling and Systems Analysis

Physico-Chemical Treatment for Water