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Prof. Patrizia Turriziani




Associate Professor of Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology.


I teach courses on Clinical Neuropsychology, Developmental Neuropsychology.

I’m the Coordinator of the 2nd level University master’s degree “NECTAR. Innovative Techniques and Technologies in Neuropsychology and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation, University of Palermo.

 My methodological interests range from clinical and experimental neuropsychological methods of analyses on behavioural patterns in brain-damaged patients to neuroimaging methods that allow a more precise structural definition of the lesions involved and the functional activation of the brain regions engaged in task performance. In addition, applications of neuroelectrical, neuromagnetic and neuromodulation techniques with neuropsychological patients are used.

My research interests focus on understanding the neurobiological basis of cognitive, emotionaland social processesin the context of neurological and psychiatric disorders. I have special clinical interests in neurodevelopmental disorders (autism spectrum disorder, ADHD), neurodegenerative diseases and sensory disorders.

I am particularly interested in neurodiversity.



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