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Nuovi testi in lingua Inglese - Anno 2016


802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide 9780596100520 O'Reilly Matthew Gast
A concise introduction to engineering economics 9780419159100 E & FN SPON P. Cassimatis
A Concise Introduction to the Statistical Physics of Complex Systems 9783319423388 Springer Eric Bertin
Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics, 3rd Edition 9781439805725 Wiley A. Bejan
Advances in Infrared Photodetectors (Semiconductors and Semimetals, Vol. 84) 9780123813374 Elsevier S. D. Gunapala, D. R. Rhiger, C. Jagadish
Aircraft Design: A systems engineering approach 9781119953401 Wiley Aerospace Series M.H. Sadraey
An Introduction Electrochemical to Power Sources 0340662786 Butterworth-Heinemann C A Vincent, B Scrosati
An Introduction to Combustion: Concepts and Applications, 2nd 0071086870 McGraw-Hill S. R. Turns
Applied Plasticity - 9781461424826 Springer J. Chakrabarty
Applied radiation chemistry 9780471544524 Wiley- Interscience Woods, R., J. & Pikaev, A., K.
Biomaterials Science, An Introduction to Materials in Medicine - 9780123746269 Academic Press Buddy Ratner,Allan Hoffman,Frederick Schoen,Jack Lemons
Business Process Management - 9780415641760 ROUTLEDGE J. Neston and J. Nelis
Cathodic Protection 9788873980209 Polipress L. lazzari, P. Pedeferri
Characterization of Biomaterials - 9780124158009 Elsevier Amit Bandyopadhyay, Susmita Bose
Chemical Process Safety: Fundamentals with Applications 9780132782838
D. Crowl, J. Louvar
Chesneys' Equipment for Student Radiographers 9780632027248 Poletto Editore P. H. Carter, A. M. Paterson, M. L. Thornton, A. P. Hyatt, et al Vanzulli A, Torricellli P
Clark's Pocket Handbook for Radiographers 9781498726993
Charles Sloane, Ken Holmes, Craig Anderson and A. Stewart Whitley
Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools 2nd edition - 9781292024349 Addison Wesley, 2006 Aho, Lam, Sethi, Ullman
Corrosion Control in the Aerospace Industry 9781845693459
Samuel Benavides
Electric Power Systems 9788843200146 Ed. CEI R. Marconato
Electrochemical Supercapacitors 9781439869895 Academic/Plenum Publishers B.E. Conway, Kluwer
Engineering Design - 9781447160250 Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1984. Pahl G., Beitz W.
Entrepreneurial Finance - 9780071825399 McGraw-Hill Steve Rogers
Fiber-Optic Communication Systems, 2nd edition 9780470505113 Wiley Interscience G. P. Agrawal
Fibre reinforced composites: materials, manufacturing and design - 9780849342059 CRC Press, Marcel Dekker Inc
Food Packaging Science and Technology - 9780824727796 CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, New York D. Sun Lee, K. L. Yam, L. Piergiovanni
Food packaging. Materiali, tecnologie e qualità degli alimenti 9788847014565 Springer-Verlag Italia (2010) L. Piergiovanni, S. Limbo
Foundations for Microwave Engineering 9780780360310 McGraw-Hill R. E. Collin
Fuel Cell System Explained J. Wiley & Sons J. Larminie, A. Dicks
Fuel Cell Systems Explained 9780470848579 Wiley J. Larminie, A. Dicks
Fundamentals of Combustion Processes 978-1-4419-7943-8 Springer S. McAllister et al.
Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics for Solid State Electronics and Optics 0521536405 Cambridge University Press C. L. Tang
Fundamentals of Semiconductor Fabrication - 9780471232797 Wiley, 2007 G.S. May, S.M. Sze
General Aviation Aircraft Design: Applied Methods and Procedures 9780123973085 Butterworth-Heinemann Snorri Gudmundsson
GPRS in Practice – a companion to the specifications 9780470095072
Peter McGuiggan
Graph Theoretic Methods in Multiagent Networks 9780691140612 Princeton University Press M. Mesbahi, M. Egerstedt
Handbook of Industrial & Hazardous Waste Treatment 9780824741143 Marcel Dekker WANG, HUNG, LO, YAPIJAKIS
Hydraulic control systems 9780471693116 Wiley N.D. Manring
Industrial Electrochemistry 2nd edition 978-94-011-2154-5 Springer Science D. Pletcher and F.C. Walsh
Industrial Safety and Health Management 9780132368711
Ray Asfahl - David W. Rieske
Intermolecular and surface forces - 9780123919274 III edition. Elsevier J. N. Israelachvili
Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals McGraw-Hill Book Company Heywood J.B.
Internal Combustion Engines Applied Thermosciences 9781118533314 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Ferguson C.R. e Kirkpatrick A.T.
Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots 9780262015356 MIT Press Siegwart, Nourbakhsh
INTRODUCTION TO COMPOSITE MATERIAL DESIGN 9781420079159 Taylor and Francis Barbero, E.J
Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility 2nd 9780471755005 Wiley- Interscience C.R. Paul
Introduction to electromagnetic fields, III ed. McGraw-Hill C.R. Paul, K.W. Whithes, S. A. Nasar
Introduction to Embedded Systems - A Cyber- Physical Systems Approach, Edition 1.5, 2014 E. A. Lee and S. A. Seshia
Introduction to optics 9781292022567 Prentice-Hall F.L. Pedrotti, L.S. Pedrotti
Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 9783319223087 Plenum Press F. Chen
Introduction to solid state physics - 9780471415268 wiley C. Kittel
Learning Java 4th edition 9781449319243 O’Really PATRICK NIEMEYER
Lees' Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 9780123971890 Ed., Butterworth-Heinemann S. Mannan
Managing Business Process Flows PEARSON PRENTICE ALL R. Anupindi, S Chopra, S. Deshmukh, J. Van Mieghem, E. Zemel
Managing Innovation, 4th ed. - 9781118360637 (5 EDIZIONE) John Wiley & Sons J. Tidd, J. Bessant, K. Pavitt
Managing Successful Project with PRINCE2 2009 - 9780113310593 TSO Great Britain: Office of Government Commerce
Marketing Management – 14th Edition – Pearson Education Inc., 9781292092621 Prentice Hall, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, USA. Kotler, Philip and Keller, Kevin Lane
Material and the Environment (Ecoinformed Material Choice) 9780123859716 Elsevier Micheal F. Ashby, Butterworth-Heinemann
Melt rheology and its role in plastics processing - 9781461597407 Chapman & Hall J. M. Dealy, K.F. Wissbrun
Modeling, Design, and Optimization of Net-Zero Energy Buildings - 9783433030837 WILEY A. Athienitis O'Brien William (Editors)
Modern Compiler Design - 9781461446989 Springer Verlag D. Grune, H. Bal, C. Jacobs, K. Langendoen
Modern Electric, Hybrid Electric, Hybrid Electric, and Fuel Cell Vehicles: Fundamentals, Theory, and Design 9781420053982 CRC-PRESS M. Ehsani, Y. Gao, S. E. Gay and A. Emadi
Natural based polymers for Biomedical Applications - 9781845692643 Editor in Chief: Rui L. Reis, CRC Press, WP.
Optoelectronic devices: III Nitrides 9780080444260 Elsevier M. Henini, M. Razeghi
Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs): Materials, devices and applications 9780857094254 Woodhead Publishing A. Buckley
Pasteur's Quadrant - 9780815781776 Brookings Institution Press D. E. Stokes,
Pavement and analysis design Pearson 9780132726108 Prentice Hall Yang H. Huang
Physical Chemistry of Surfaces 9780471148739 wiley Adamson
Physics for Radiation Protection 9783527411764 John Wiley &Sons MARTIN JAMES E
Pinch Analysis and Process Integration, 2nd Edition - 9780750682602 Butterworth- Heinemann, Elsevier I. Kemp
PMP Exam Prep, accelerated learning to pass the PMI's PMP Exam Eighth Edition 9781932735659 RMC pubblication Rita Mulcahy
PMP Exam Prep: Questions, Answers, & Explanations: 1000+ Practice Questions with Detailed Solutions ed. SSI logic Christopher Scordo
Power Electronics 9780471226932 Ed. John Wiley and Sons N. Mohan, T. Undeland, W. Robbins
Power Electronics: A First Course 9781118074800 Wiley B. N. Mohan
Power Electronics: Circuits, Devices, and Applications, 3rd Edition 9780273769088 Prentice-Hall F. M. H. Rashid
Power plant technology 0070662746 McGrow-Hill El-Wakil
Power System Dynamics and Stability 9780470725580 Ed. Wiley J. Machowski J. W. Bialek, J. R. Bumby
Power systems stability and control 007035958X McGraw-Hill P. Kundur
Practical application of radioactivity and nuclear radiations 9780521019804 Cambridge University Press G.C. Lowental et P.L. Airey
Practical design calculations for groundwater and soil remediation 9781466585232 Lewis pub J. Kuo
Principle of Computer Hardware Third Ed 9780199273133 Oxford University Press A.Clements
Principles of Biochemical Engineering 9780122208515 Pergamon Press Pauline Doran
Principles of Polymerization, 4th Ed 978-0-471-27400-1
Ractional calculus and waves in linear viscoelasticity - 9781848163294 Imperial College Press F. Mainardi
Renewable Energy: Its physics, engineering, environmental impacts, economics & planning - 9780123750259 Academic Press, Incorporated Sørensen, B.
Robustess et Commande Optimale 2854285166 CepaduesEditions D. Alazard,C. Cumer, P. Apkarian, M. Gauvrit, G. Ferreres
Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings 9780071839440 McGraw-Hill Jack Moehle
Self-assembly and nanotechnology - 9780123919274 Wiley Y. S. Lee
Smart Grid. Fundamentals of Design and Analysis 9780470889398 John Wiley & Sons Inc J.A. Momoh
Smart Grid. Technology And Applications 9780470974094 John Wiley & Sons J. Ekanayake et al
Smart Grids – Fundamentals and Technologies in Electricity Networks 978-3-662-52526-5 Springer B. M. Buchholz, Z. Styczynski
Solar energy engineering: processes and systems 9780123972705 Academic Press Kalogirou, S. A.
Solar engineering of thermal processes - 9780470873663 Wiley Duffie, J. A., & Beckman, W. A.
Solid State Chemistry 9781439847909 Taylor and Francis L.E. Smart and E.A. Moore
Structured computer organization. 6th ed - 9780273769248 Pearson A. S. Tanenbaum, T. Austin
Supply Chain Management (5th Edition) 6th Global ed - 9781292093567 Pearson Education Limited Sunil Chopra and Peter Meindl (
Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise - 9780073523422 McGraw-Hill Richard Dorf, Thomas Byers
The Engineering of Chemical Reactions 9780195392081 Oxford University Press L. D. Schmidt
The hydrogen economy - 9780309091633 The National Academies Press
The Lighting Flash 9781849196918 IEE Power & Energy Series Vernon Cooray
The Mistery of Growth - 9780674046054 The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press E. Helpman
The Oxford Handbook of Innovation - 9780199286805 Oxford University Press J. Fagerberg, D. Mowery, R.R. Nelson (Edited by)
The physics and chemistry of materials - 9780471057949 wiley J.I. Gersten, F.W. Smith
The physics and chemistry of solids (J. Wiley) 978-0-471-98195-4 wiley S.Elliott
The PMP EXAM: how to pass on your first try, - 9780982760857
Andy Crowe
Theory of Vibration with Applications 9780748743803 Pearson Thomson W.T., Dillon Dahleh M
UMTS: The Fundamentals 9780470845578
B. Walke, P. Seidenberg, M.P. Althoff
Vehicle Propulsion Systems - Introduction to Modeling and Optimization 978-3-642-43847-9 Springer-Verlag L. Guzzella, A. Sciarretta
Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers: Design, Fabrication, Characterization, and Applications 9780521006293 Cambridge University Press C. W. Wilmsen, H. Temkin, L. A. Coldren
Vibration Monitoring, Testing, and Instrumentation 9781420053197 Edited by Clarence W. de Silva
Water resources systems planning and management Unesco Publishing 978-3-319-44232-7
D.P.Loucks and E. van Beek