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NICCOLO (New Inventory for Chemical COmpounds Lisp Oriented)


NICCOLO (New Inventory for Chemical COmpounds Lisp Oriented) is a database written in Common Lisp, with a web-based user interface, designed for chemists by chemists. It allows to manage your reagents and lendings using a barcode system; it is useful for the management of hazardous wastes, to which you may assign both CER and UN-ADR codes.


NICCOLO shows you the structure formula of a chemical, its “H” and “P”

GHS statements and also GHS pictograms. A calculator allows to make risk assessment both for toxics and carceinogenics substances; suggestions for safe storage are elaborated.


Custom labels can be printed for self-made laboratory reagents and new synthesized compounds. Any commercial entry is linkable with PUBCHEM © database, where huge amount of useful data about your chemicals can be obtained. You can associate MSDS to your compounds.


Bidimensional code can be assigned to your safety storages; just using your smartphone or tablet, you can know what it is contained in a storage without opening it.


NICCOLO is this and much more; indeed is a new, free and powerful tool for you laboratory work.

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feb 27


26/02/2020 - 27/02/2020

Aula Magna del Di.Gi. - via Maqueda, 172

feb 27

Amministrazione e prospettive dei Beni culturali in Sicilia - RINVIATO A DATA DA DESTINARSI


Aula Magna, Dipartimento Culture e Società - Edificio 12, viale delle Scienze

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