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Master Degree Course in Electrical Engineering



  International Students    it Electrical Engineering 

The cultural field of Electrical Engineering is permeated by a widespread interdisciplinaryity, an element that makes it always topical, innovative and strategic to adequately address the constantly changing engineering scenarios of the society of the 21st century.

Electrical Engineering  LM-28 (Class Ministerial field of study code) - Presentation

Students pursuing a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering have the possibility to acquire a high level of knowledge about planning, construction, running, control and management of electric power production transmission and distribution plants and their components. 

The degree course will equip students with scientific and technical competences to be able to resolve, through an innovative and interdisciplinary approach, complex problems. Beyond the study about conceptual, methodological and design elements of the typical areas of electrical engineering, the students will develop relevant economic and business competences not only within curricular courses, but also through a wide spectrum of  educational activities, such as seminars, workshops and laboratory practices. Furthermore, the role of Professors appear central, because they represent perfect “coaches” to feed and improve a student background through materials in electronic and paper format. 

Electrical engineering graduates can find jobs in most engineering industries. The professional outcomes  relate to the field of production, design, planning and programming, management of systems and services, both in the private professional practice, manufacturing and service companies, as well as in the public administration. Electrical Engineers find employment in a wide number of different career fields, for example:

  • areas of production, transmission and distribution of electric energy;
  • areas of planning, construction, running, control and management of electric power production;
  • companies that produce electrical machinery and electronic power systems and components;
  • companies that design, produce and run electrical transport systems;
  • self-employment.

Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering - Study programme - The official language is Italian but some courses are in English (those whose title is listed in English)

Booklet for international student