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Lista Pubblicazioni dei componenti del Dipartimento - anno 2013



Nel corrente anno i componenti di questo Dipartimento sono stati co-autori delle seguenti pubblicazioni su riviste internazionali con Impact Factor:
(Le pubblicazioni sono presentate in ordine cronologico, il valore di Impact Factor indicato è quello a 5 anni,  PMID = Index PubMed)


Luparello, C., Sirchia, R., & Longo, A. (2013). Type V Collagen and Protein Kinase C eta
Down-Regulation in 8701-BC Breast Cancer Cells. Molecular carcinogenesis, 52, 348-358. - I.F.:3,164 - Scopus SJR:0,486 - SNIP:0,631

Longo, A., Librizzi, M., & Luparello, C. (2013). Effect of transfection with PLP2 antisense oligonucleotides on gene expression of cadmium-treated MDA-MB231 breast cancer cells. analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 405(6), 1893-1901. - I.F.:3,778 - Scopus SJR:0,271 - SNIP:0,719

Bonura A.,  Corinti S., Schiavi E.,  Giacomazza D.,  Gianguzza F.,  Di Felice G., et al. (2013). The major allergen of the Parietaria pollen contains an LPS-binding region with immuno-modulatory activity. Allergy, online. - I.F.:6,271 - Scopus SJR:0,399 - SNIP:1,032

Romancino, D., Anello, L., Morici G., D’Azzo, A., Bongiovanni, A., & Di Bernardo, M. (2013). Identification and characterization of PlAlix, the Alix homologue from the Mediterranean sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus. Development, Growth & Differentiation, Vol 55, Issue 2, start page 237(Vol 55, Issue 2), 237-246. - I.F.: - Scopus SJR: - SNIP:

Cavallaro, G., Gianguzza, A., Lazzara, G., Milioto, S., & Piazzese, D. (2013). Alginate gel beads filled with halloysite nanotubes. Applied Clay Science, 72, 132-137. - I.F.:2,474 - Scopus SJR:0,126 - SNIP:1,363

Cavallaro, G., De Lisi, R., Lazzara, G., & Milioto, S. (2013). Polyethylene glycol/clay nanotubes composites. Thermal properties and structure. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 112, 383-389. - I.F.:1,604 - Scopus SJR:0,072 - SNIP:0,692

Cavallaro, G., Donato, D.I., Lazzara, G., &  Milioto S (2013). Determining the selective impregnation of waterlogged archaeological woods with poly(ethylene) glycols mixtures by differential scanning calorimetry. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 111, 1449-1455. - I.F.:1,604 - Scopus SJR:0,072 - SNIP:0,692

DI Cara, G., Marengo, G., Albanese, N.N., Marabeti, M.R., Musso, R., Cancemi, P., et al. (2013). Proteomic profiling of Trastuzumab (Herceptin(R))-sensitive and -resistant SKBR-3 breast cancer cells. Anticancer Research, 33(2), 489-503. - I.F.:1,725 - Scopus SJR:0,164 - SNIP:0,325

Carbone, A., Parrino, B., Barraja, P., Spanò, V., Cirrincione, G., Diana, P., et al. (2013). Synthesis and Antiproliferative Activity of 2,5-bis(3′-Indolyl)pyrroles, Analogues of the Marine Alkaloid Nortopsentin. Marine drugs, 11, 643-654. - I.F.:3,854 - Scopus SJR:0,144 - SNIP:0,238

Montalbano, A., Parrino, B., Diana, P., Barraja, P., CArbone, A., Spanò, V., et al. (2013). Synthesis of the new oligopeptide pyrrole derivative isonetropsin and its one pyrrole unit analogue. Tetrahedron, 69, 2550-2554. - I.F.:3,025 - Scopus SJR:0,215 - SNIP:0,65

D'Anna, F., Vitale, P., Ferrante, F., Marullo, S., & Noto, R. (2013). The Gelling Ability of Some Diimidazolium Salts: Effect of Isomeric Substitution of the Cation and Anion. ChemPlusChem, 78(78), 331-342. - I.F.: - Scopus SJR: - SNIP:
Carbone, A., Spanò, V., Parrino, B., Ciancimino, C., Attanasi, O.A., & Favi, G. (2013). A Facile Synthesis of Deaza-Analogues of the Bisindole Marine Alkaloid Topsentin. Molecules, 18, 2518-2527. - I.F.:2,386 - Scopus SJR:0,1 - SNIP:0,443

Pace, A., Barone, G., Lauria, A., Martorana, A., Piccionello, A., Pierro, P., et al. (2013). Hsp60, a novel target for antitumor therapy: Structure-function features and prospective drugs design. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 19(15), 2757-2764. - I.F.:3,87 - Scopus SJR:0,44 - SNIP:0,755

Palumbo Piccionello, A., Guarcello, A., Pace, A., & Buscemi, S. (2013). Synthesis of Isoxazoline Derivatives through Boulton–Katritzky Rearrangement of 1,2,4-Oxadiazoles. European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2013(2013), 1986-1992. - I.F.:3,329 - Scopus SJR:0,171 - SNIP:0,451

Ben Jemia, M., Kchouk, M.E., Senatore, F., Autore, G., Marzocco, S., De Feo, V., et al. (2013). Antiproliferative activity of hexane extract leaves from tunisian Cistus libanotis, Cistus monpeliensis and Cistus villosus. Chemistry Central Journal, 7(7), 47-47. - I.F.:3,281 - Scopus SJR:0,159 - SNIP:0,149

Russo, A., Formisano, C., Rigano, D., Senatore, F., Delfine, S., Cardile, V., et al. (2013). Chemical composition and anticancer activity of essential oil of Mediterranean sage (Salvia officinalis L.). Food and Chemical Toxicology, 55(55), 42-47. - I.F.:2,999 - Scopus SJR:0,141 - SNIP:0,707

Formisano, C., Rigano, D., Senatore, F., Apostolides Arnold, N., Simmonds, M., Bruno, M., et al. (2013). Essential oils of three species of scutellaria and their influence on Spodoptera littoralis. Biochemical systematics and ecology, 48(48), 206-210. - I.F.:0,931 - Scopus SJR:0,069 - SNIP:0,363

Maggio, A., Rosselli, S., Brancazio, L., spadaro, V., Raimondo, F.M., & Bruno, M. (2013). Metabolites from the aerial parts of the Sicilian population of Artemisia alba Turra. Natural Product communications, 8(8), 283-286. - I.F.: - Scopus SJR: - SNIP:

Zizzo, C., Colomba, P., Albeggiani, G., Gallizzi, R., Iemolo, F., Nuzzo, D., et al. (2013). Misdiagnosis of familial Mediterranean fever in patients with Anderson-Fabry disease. Clinical Genetics, 83(83), 576-581. - I.F.:3,128 - Scopus SJR:0,484 - SNIP:0,656

Spazzafumo, L., Olivieri, F., Abbatecola, A.M., Castellani, G., Monti, D., Lisa, R., et al. (2013). Remodelling of biological parameters during human ageing: evidence for complex regulation in longevity and in type 2 diabetes. age, 35(35), 419-429. - I.F.:3,948 - Scopus SJR:0 - SNIP:0

Mingoia, F., Di Sano, C., Di Blasi, F., Fazzari, M., Martorana, A., Almerico, A.M., et al. (2013). Exploring the anticancer potential of pyrazolo[1,2-a]benzo[1,2,3,4]tetrazin-3-one derivatives: The effect on apoptosis induction, cell cycle and proliferation. European journal of medicinal chemistry, 64, 345-356. - I.F.:3,346 - Scopus SJR:0,162 - SNIP:0,984

Lauria, A., Abbate, I., Gentile, C., Angileri, F., Martorana, A., & Almerico, A.M. (2013). Synthesis and biological activities of a new class of heat shock protein 90 inhibitors, designed by energy-based pharmacophore virtual screening. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 56(8), 3424-3428. - I.F.:5,248 - Scopus SJR:0,475 - SNIP:1,084

Almerico, A.M., Tutone, M., Pantano, L., & Lauria, A. (2013). A3 adenosine receptor: Homology modeling and 3D-QSARstudies. Journal of molecular graphics and modelling, 42, 60-72. - I.F.:2,184 - Scopus SJR:0,194 - SNIP:0,553

Lauria, A., Abbate, I., Patella, C., Martorana, A., Dattolo, G., & Almerico, A.M. (2013). New annelated thieno[2,3-e][1,2,3]triazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines, with potent anticancer activity, designed through VLAK protocol. European journal of medicinal chemistry, 62, 416-424. - I.F.:3,346 - Scopus SJR:0,162 - SNIP:0,984

Baldassano, S., Amato, A., Cappello, F., Rappa, F., & Mule, F. (2013). Glucagon-like peptide-2 and mouse intestinal adaptation to a high fat diet. The Journal of Endocrinology, 217. - I.F.:3,548 - Scopus SJR:0,375 - SNIP:0,758

Barone G., A.T. (2013). DNA-binding of nickel(II), copper(II) and zinc(II) complexes: structure-affinity relationships. Coordination chemistry reviews, xxx. - I.F.:12,11 - Scopus SJR:0,714 - SNIP:2,865

A. Lauria, A.A. (2013). The influence of substitution in the quinoxaline nucleus on 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions. Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, 1013, 116-122. - I.F.: - Scopus SJR: - SNIP:

A. Spinello, A.T. (2013). Metal Complex–DNA Binding: Insights from Molecular Dynamics and DFT/MM Calculations. Journal of inorganic biochemistry, 124, 63-69. - I.F.:3,354 - Scopus SJR:0,267 - SNIP:0,895

Dintcheva, N.T., Arrigo, R.b., Nasillo, G., Caponetti, E., & La Mantia, F.P. (2013). Effect of the nanotube aspect ratio and surface functionalization on the morphology and properties of multiwalled carbon nanotube polyamide-based fibers. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, in press. - I.F.:1,289 - Scopus SJR:0,085 - SNIP:0,536

Musso, R., Di Cara, G., Albanese, N., Marabeti, M., Cancemi, P., Martini, D., et al. (2013). Differential proteomic and phenotypic behaviour of papillary and anaplastic thyroid cell lines. Journal of proteomics, Epub ahead of print. - I.F.:4,878 - Scopus SJR:0,237 - SNIP:0,546

Saccone, M., Cavallo, G., Metrangolo, P., Pace, A., Pibiri, I., Pilati, T., et al. (2013). Halogen bond directionality translates tecton geometry into self-assembled architecture geometry. CrystEngComm, 15(15 (16)), 3102-3105. - I.F.:3,842 - Scopus SJR:0,205 - SNIP:0,673

Giovanna Longhi, A.C. (2013). Molecular dynamics of electrosprayed water nanodroplets containing sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl)sulfosuccinate. European Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 48(48), 478-486. - I.F.:1,207 - Scopus SJR:0,109 - SNIP:0,298

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Toto M,  D'Angelo G, &  Corona D (2013). Regulation of ISWI-family of  chromatin remodelling Complexes. Chromosoma, 1. - I.F.:3,847 - Scopus SJR:2,057 - SNIP:0,943

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pre- and post-junctional AT1A receptors. Acta Physiol. Scand., 207(2), 337-345. - I.F.:3,09 - Scopus SJR:0,381 - SNIP:0,771

Craparo, E.F., Teresi, G., Licciardi, M., Bondi', M.L., & Cavallaro, G. (2013). Novel Composed Galactosylated Nanodevices Containing A Ribavirin Prodrug As Hepatic Cell-Targeted Carriers For Hcv Treatment. Journal Of Biomedical Nanotechnology, 9(6), 1107-1122. - I.F.:4,216 - Scopus SJR:0,115 - SNIP:0,184

Vitale, M., Galluzzo, P., Currò, V., Gozdzik, K., Schillaci, D., & Di Marco, V. (2013). A High Sensitive Nested PCR for Toxoplasma gondii Detection in Animal and Food Samples. Journal of Microbial and Biochemical Technology, 5(5(2)), 39-41. - I.F.: - Scopus SJR: - SNIP:

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Lauria, A., Patella, C., Abbate, I., Martorana, A., & Almerico, A.M. (2013). An Unexpected Dimroth Rearrangement Leading to Annelated Thieno[3,2-d][1,2,3]triazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines with Potent Antitumor Activity. European journal of medicinal chemistry, 2013(65), 381-388. - I.F.:3,346 - Scopus SJR:0,162 - SNIP:0,984

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