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ING-IND/22 – Science and Technology of Materials



Science and Technology of Materials Group belongs at the Engineering Department, Division (Branch) CABIM – Chemistry, Environment, Biomedical, Hydraulics, Materials – it promotes research activities and courses in the field of science and technology of materials. Particularly, all the activities are addressed to the relationships between:

(i) structure and morphology (from nano- to macroscopic level);

(ii) formulation, processing and applications;

(iii) characterizations (morphology, chemical, biochemical, physical and mechanical properties, etc);

(iv) conservation, durability, life cycle and recycling

for all materials, such as metals, ceramics, polymers and composites, and innovative materials, such as functional and smart materials. Moreover, materials for accumulation and conservation of energy, for cultural heritage conservation, for environmental protection and for design and materials for hybrid inorganic-organic-biological systems.

Active research topics:

  • Formulation and characterization of innovative sustainable materials for constructions
  • Relationships structure-processing-properties of polymeric materials and their composites and nanocomposites
  • Processing, characterisation and applications of biomaterials and biodegradable polymers and their composites and nanocomposites
  • Formulations and applications of smart and functional materials for accumulation and conservation of energy, for environmental and cultural heritage protection.
  • Durability, stabilization, degradation and recycling of polymeric materials and their composites and nanocomposites

Main research projects: 

  • PRIN 2017 - CLEAN - Valorizing Sustainable Plastics through a CLEver use of NANoparticles (cod. 20174FSRZS); Ruolo: Responsabile di unità di ricerca (36 mesi)
  • Progetto “Materiali di nuova generazione per il restauro dei Beni Culturali: nuovo approccio alla fruizione – PON 2015-2020 “AGM for CuHe” (Progetto ARS01_00697)
  • Progetto “Conversione di piattaforme off-shore per usi multipli eco-sostenibili” “PLACE” – PON 2015-2020 (Progetto ARS01_00891) Specialisation area: Blue Growth. / Duration: 30 months.
  • Project “BIOFEEDSTOCK – Sviluppo di Piattaforme Tecnologiche Integrate per la Valorizzazione di Biomasse Residuali”. PON 2015-2020. Specialisation area: Energy. / Duration: 30 months.
  • Advanced Green Materials for Cultural Heritage / Financially supported by Horizon 2020 / Duration 30 months / Start and End data for previously funded project 18/9/2018 ongoing
  • Monitoraggio, consolidamento, conservazione e protezione dei Beni Culturali n.2015WBEP3H / Financially supported by PRIN Project / Duration 24 months / Start data for on-going project
  • TecHnology And materials for safe Low consumption and low life cycle cost veSSels And crafts - THALASSA (ARS01_00293) – Sub-task of OR3 “Development of impact-resistant laminates using electrospun nanofibers” and Sub-task of OR4 “Development of sustainable anti-fouling coatings based on oligo- and poly-saccharides” / MIUR P.O.N. 2015-2020 - Specialisation area: Blue Growth. / Duration: 30 months

Keywords: Science and Technology of Materials; Relationships Properties-Structure-Processing; Biomaterials; Cultural Heritage; Degradation; Recycling.