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ING-IND/15 – Design Methods and Tools for Industrial Engineering



The group of Design Methods and Tools for Industrial Engineering works at the Engineering Department of the University of Palermo and it is focused on scientific research and educational activity in the field of Design Methods and Tools for Industrial Engineering. In particular, the main activity of the group is about the study of new methods and tools for the ideation and the development of new products, by considering the whole life cycle. The group is also interested in the innovation and the improvement of the technical and technological level of processes, products and methods and the related development trends. In detail, the scientific and educational activities of the group are about: design and development of products, machines and mechanisms; drawing and methods to create functional and morphological models; synthesis of engineering knowledges, product specifications, normative and environmental constraints, aesthetic values; study of the product life cycle; methods and tools for systematic innovation; virtual, augmented and mixed reality, man-machine interfaces, simulations, virtual prototyping; additive manufacturing, reverse engineering, image processing, morphology reconstruction, rapid prototyping. The main application fields are: mechanical, transport systems, aeronautical, naval and biomedical.

Current research topics are the following:

  • design and CAD modeling for additive manufacturing;
  • reverse engineering;
  • simulation and virtual prototyping;
  • design of biomedical devices;
  • design methods for industrial engineering;
  • design methods in the nautical field;
  • design methods for Industry 4.0;
  • shape, topology and properties optimization methods;
  • survey and reconstruction in the cultural heritage field.

List of the main research projects:

  • Spazzatrice meccanica su autocabinato stradale  € 330.000   POR      
  • Ricerca nell'ambito del progetto ULTRASUONI  € 73.000     Conto terzi Tecnogamma
  • Metodologie di ottimizzazione topologica all'interno di Procedure di Progettazione € 35.000     PRIN                                
  • Non Contact-Ultrasonic System for Rail Track € 115.280  UE(VIIPQ)

Keywords: design methods; design for X; design for biomedical engineering; yacht design; industry 4.0.