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ICAR06 - Topography and Cartography - Services


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  • Design and calculation of topographic surveys performed with traditional instruments (total station, digital level) and satellite system (GNSS).
  • Calculating, managing and monitoring networks of GNSS permanent stations.
  • Design and processing of photogrammetric surveys planes aimed at creating maps and digital orthophotos.
  • Controls and monitoring of complex structures with integrated surveying techniques (total station, GPS, photogrammetry and laser scanning ).
  • Surveys of terrestrial laser scanner infrastructure (bridges, buildings, etc.), Cultural Heritage (monuments, historic buildings, archaeological sites, etc.) and land ( rocky cliffs, landslides, etc.).
  • Architectural surveys aimed at creating photo-plans and photo realistic 3D models.
  • Design and processing of photogrammetric surveys carried out by unmanned aerial platforms (UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, also known as “drones”).
  • Special applications of terrestrial photogrammetry in industrial, marine or structural engineering.
  • Surveys of high precision laser scanner (<1 mm) of small objects .
  • Implementation of technical and thematic maps from satellite images with high resolution.
  • Design and implementation of GIS and WebGIS.