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ICAR06 - Surveying and Mapping



The research group of the academic discipline "Surveying and Mapping" (ICAR / 06) carries out activities and research in Geomatics; in particular, the activities are related to the applications of Geomatics in the field of civil engineering, architecture, environment and cultural heritage. The scientific and teaching activity of the research group of the academic discipline "Surveying and Mapping" is addressed to the following fields: topography, photogrammetry, cartography, laser scanning, remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The research is mainly aimed at the acquisition, processing, analysis and management of metric or thematic data relating to structures and infrastructures, to architectural heritage, to the environment.

The fields of application are the GNSS systems, the photogrammetric procedures for 3D reconstruction, the laser scanning survey, the use of Remote Pilot Aircraft Systems (RPAS or “drones”) for the proximity remote sensing, the study of tools and methods for the control and monitoring of the territory and of the structures, the use of SAR systems.

The main research topics are:

  • 3D surveys and reconstructions of archaeological cultural heritage;
  • Photogrammetric survey from RPAS (or "drone");
  • GNSS permanent networks station for real-time positioning
  • Geomatics applications in the field of metrology and reverse engineering;
  • Study of dam monitoring techniques using GNSS and remote sensing.

List of the main research projects:

  • Research projects PON “NEPTIS – ICT—based solutions for augmented fruition and exploration of' Cultural Heritage” (PON03PE_00214_3 – 2015-2017);
  • PRIN2008 “Advanced methodologies for the survey, documentation and visualization of Cultural Heritage”;
  • PRIN2009 “Excavations and research in Elaiussa Sebaste (TURKEY): multidisciplinary study for the knowledge of a port city of sub-eastern Anatolia”;
  • PRIN2005 “Permanent GPS networks station for real-time surveying in control and emergency applications”.

Keywords: ICAR/06, Geomatics, Topography, Photogrammetry, Cartography, GNSS, Laser Scanning, SAPR, Drones, Remote Sensing.