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ICAR02 - Hydraulic Structures - Services


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  • Calibration and certification of water meter systems for water distribution;
  • Setup of physical models in hydraulic similitude (reservoirs outlets, etc);
  • Morphodynamic rivers studies and analysis ;
  • Interaction waves flow field with man-made structures and beaches, by means of large flume wave maker device:
  • Environment monitoring systems set up by means of remotely sensed imagery analysis (multispectral. Hyperspectral, RADAR);
  • Thermography applications by means satellite, aerial, and proximity images to study surface thermal anomalies (marine fronts, biogas leakages, archaeology, thermal dispersion of buildings);
  • Spectroradiometric measurements for the surface characteristics analysis (marine waters, submersed vegetation, terrestrial vegetation);
  • Vegetation biomass characterisation by means of LAI (Leaf Area Index) measurements;
  • Bathymetric survey in shallow waters (sea and reservoirs);
  • Setting up of GIS and WebGIS and in hydrology environment monitoring.