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ICAR01 - Hydraulics - Research


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                                                               Research projects


Numerical modeling of flow fields

Development of Finite Volumes, Standard Finite Elements, Mixed and Mixed Hybrid Finite Elements numerical models with different turbulence models. Numerical modelling by SPH method (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics). Employment of such models for simulation of unsteady flow fields in different fields, such as: river and coastal Hydraulics , groundwater, hydraulic structures, fluid-structures interaction, etc..

Numerical modeling of transport processes in groundwater

1D, 2D, 3D simulation of pollutant and heat transport in saturated porous media (density driven processes) and variably saturated, homogeneous and heterogeneous porous media with strong contrast in permeability.

Inshore Propagation of sea waves

Development of Boussinesq numerical models. Breaking and run-up models. Run-up characteristics on beaches and coastal structures. Shoreline localization.

Internal and coastal flooding

Flood propagation. Flood peak estimation by synchronous level measurements. Flooding risk areas mapping. Real time flooding forecast. Coastal areas at risk for flooding caused by storm surges.

Flow-vegetation interaction in shallow waters

Flow field and flow resistance in the presence of marine and terrestrial vegetation. Sediment transport in the presence of vegetation. Vegetation effects on erosion and sedimentation phenomena.

River sediment transport and morphodynamics

River sediment transport. River plane-altimetric evolution. Localized and extensive erosive processes.

Unsteady pipe flow

Water networks filling processes. Sewer pressurization.

Energy production from water renewable sources

Wave energy potential. Energy recovery from water networks by diffused micro-hydropower production. Design and development of hydraulic turbines and Cross-Flow type tubines.

Research projects

Scientific research program of relevant national interest (Prin) 2008: “Hydrometric measurements integration for the monitoring of the flow rates and hydraulic resistance parameters of river”.

Scientific research program of relevant national interest (Prin) 2011 “Hydroelectric energy by osmosis in coastal areas”.

Scientific research program, regional EU funded project, “HYDROENERGY”, del P.O. FESR 2007/2013.