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Faculty of Engineering







Educational objectives – professional opportunities for graduates

The educational programme is based upon the necessary mathematical concepts and competences related to statistics, electronics and automation, and it focuses on:

 - project, particularly on issues related to the design of mechanical parts of machines and equipment, the mechanical characterization of traditional and innovative materials, stress analysis and non intrusive measurements;

 - production, particularly on issues related to the processing -even thermal- of metallic, plastic and composite materials, the organisation of industrial production and on quality control;

 - operations, particularly on issues such as continuous and discontinuous combustion in internal combustion engines, cogeneration and energy saving plants using compressible fluid machines, operations of cooling plants and the relevant volumetric operating machines.

Graduates of this course might work in public or private research centres, carry out high level technical and scientific professional activities, as well as industrial or university research.






"Construction" Curriculum

1st YEAR Credits
Complements of Mechanical Technology 9
Numerical Simulation for Mechanical Engineering 9
Numerical Methods 6
Electronics and Robotics – integrated course
 - Robotics
 - Electronics
Complements of Machine Construction 9
Statistics and Probability Theory 6
Internal Combustion Engines 9
2nd YEAR Credits
Quality Control and Maintenance 9
Cooling Systems 9
Elective Activities 18
Stage, Practice, other Educational Activities 3
Group of Optional Educational Activities 12
Final Examination 9


Stage, Practice, other Educational Activities Credits
Practice 3
SAE Formula Laboratory 3
Image Processing in Mechanics – laboratory 3
CAD Laboratory 3
CAM Laboratory 3
Composite Materials - Laboratory 3


Group of Optional Educational Activities Credits
Thermotechnics 6
Process Design 6
Acquisition and Elaboration Systems of Mechanic Variables 6
Energy Management 6
Production Management 6
Mechanics of Composite and Ceramic Materials 6