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FIS/07 - Applied Physics (Cultural Heritage, Environment, Biology And Medicine)



The research activity deals withatomic molecular and optical physics in intense fields, radiation-matterinteractions, environmental radioactivity, multivariate statistical analysis of meteorological and environmental data, cultural heritage items and radionuclides specific activities.

The following research areas are currently active:

  • Interactions of atoms, molecules and solid-state systems with intense laser radiation fields.
  • Multiphoton ionization processes.
  • Statistical analysis of meteorological and environmental time series data.
  • Radionuclides specific activities in environmental matrices.

List of the main research projects:

  • Time series of wind speed and direction with joint distribution functions.
  • Specific activities of 210Pb and 7Be in atmosphere.
  • Laser assisted ionization processes by short XUV pulses.

Keywords: Radiation-matter interactions.Intense fields.Environmental statistics.Environmental radioactivity.