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Director's Delegate to Internationalization

Prof. Marco Milazzo

via Archirafi, 20 - tel. 09123862863



Delegate of the Council of Interclass in Nature and Environmental Sciences (CISNAM) to Internationalization

Prof. Matteo Cammarata

viale delle Scienze. ed. 16, - tel. 09123891805



Delegate of the Council of Interclass in Earth Sciences (ISTC) to Internationalization

Prof. Antonio Caruso 

via Archirafi, 20 - tel. 09123864621



Delegate of the Marine Biology Course Council to Internationalization

Prof. Salvatrice Vizzini

via Archirafi, 18 - tel. 09123862877



Contact Person ERASMUS+

Dott. Nicola Sinopoli

via Archirafi, 22 - tel. 09123864644


 Erasmus+ Mobility Call for study A.A. 2020-2021 - Deadline calendar

Double Degrees

The Department of Earth and Sea Sciences (DiSTeM) has a bilateral agreement in place for the awarding of a double degree between UNIPA's Master of Science Degree in Nature Sciences and the "Courses Degree in Sustainable Development and Ecological Safety" of the University for Friendship Among Peoples (RUDN) in Moscow, under which students can obtain a double degree, awarded by both universities, in accordance with the regulations in force in each institution. Since 2009, the Interclass Council of Nature and Environmental Sciences (CISNAM) has started internationalization activities with the RUDN. The agreement provides for the exchange of students and researchers, and was renewed in March 2016 on the occasion of the Rector's official visit to Moscow.



International Research Doctorate

The PhD course in Earth and Sea Sciences of the XXXIV cycle is international and benefits from a 'Marie Curie' grant obtained on the basis of a competitive call H2020-MSCA-ITN. Researchers and professors from the following foreign institutions are part of the DiSTeM doctoral college: Institut de Physique du Globe-IPG, Paris (France), Institute of Earth Science Jaume Almera, CSIC-Barcelona (Spain), Montpellier University (France), Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University (Netherlands), Department of Earth Sciences, Hamburg University (Germany) Department of Geology, Salamanca University (Spain).


In addition, the research carried out by the PhD students is carried out in co-defense or in collaboration with foreign universities and research institutions, and includes research stays abroad by the PhD students.



Erasmus+ Programmes

As part of the Erasmus+ program, DiSTeM has activated several agreements and projects for the exchange of students and teachers aimed at sharing didactic/scientific activities in the field of many topics of Biological Sciences, Nature, Environment and Earth Sciences.






The main active agreements are detailed below.


Erasmus+ Key Action 2 - Capacity building in the field of higher education

In 2019 the KA2 project "Knowledge Exchange in sustainable Fisheries management and Aquaculture in the Mediterranean region (FishAqu)" started. The project includes training and capacity building actions and involves, together with DiSTeM-Unipa, the universities of Aveiro (Portugal), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Euro-Mediterranean (Slovenia), and four Egyptian institutions: the University of Alexandria, the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, the University of Aswan, and the University of Marsa Matrouh. The project manager for DiSTeM is Prof. Gianluca Sarà.


Erasmus+ Key Action 103 - Learning Mobility for Individuals within Europe

An Erasmus+ interinstitutional agreement with the CeiMar consortium (Spain) is active until 2021, with the participation of DiSteM and 5 Spanish universities. The project manager for DiSTeM is Prof. Marco Milazzo.


Erasmus+ Interinstitutional Agreement

Cadiz (Spain)

Almeria (Spain)

Granada (Spain)

Huelva (Spain)

Malaga (Spain)


Other bilateral Erasmus+ student and teacher mobility agreements involve the following institutions:



Erasmus+ bilateral agreements - Teacher responsible for DiSTeM

Lille (France)

Matteo Cammarata


Valencia (Spain)

Matteo Cammarata


Murcia (Spain)

Concetta Maria Messina


Brest (France)

Concetta Maria Messina


Patras (Greece)

Daniela Piazzese


Valladolid (Spain)

Daniela Piazzese


Debrecen (Hungary)

Christian Conoscenti


Extremadura (Spain)

Christian Conoscenti


Patras (Greece)

Giuseppe Montana


Klaipeda (Lithuania)

Salvatrice Vizzini


Tuebingen (Germany)

Edoardo Rotigliano


Granada (Spain)

Edoardo Rotigliano


Madrid (Spain)

Silvio Rotolo


Orleans (France)

Silvio Rotolo


Toulouse (France)

Silvio Rotolo


Athens (Greece)

Silvio Rotolo


Portsmouth (UK)

Silvio Rotolo


Coimbra (Portugal)

Silvio Rotolo



3. Erasmus+ Key Action 107International Credit Mobility for Studies with Partner Countries


In 2019, DiSTeM concluded an Erasmus plus KA107 project, which provides for exchange and mobility of TA (incoming/outgoing) teachers and students (incoming only) between UNIPA and UES (Universidad de El Salvador) and more specifically between the Master's Degree in Geological Sciences and Technologies (UNIPA) and the Master's Degree in Evaluación de Peligrosidades Naturales (UES).



Cooperation Projects

Since 2019 the CASTES project "Establishing and supporting the Degree Course in Earth Sciences with an emphasis on Geology at the University of El Salvador", funded by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (AICS), has been active. The project leader is UNIPA and the scientific responsible is Prof. Christian Conoscenti from DiSTeM. Other institutions involved are the University of Chieti-Pescara and the Universidad de El Salvador (UES). The main objective of CASTES is the establishment of the Degree Course in Earth Sciences at the UES, with emphasis in Geology, supporting, for its sustainability, the training of twenty-four teachers of the UES and the setting up of educational laboratories with instrumentation for field and laboratory investigations.