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Brief profile


Erasmo VASSALLO is Associate Professor of Economic Statistics. Polytechnic School. University of Palermo, Italy.

Brief profile

Born in 1972, in Carini (Palermo). Married to Anna, lawyer. Two sons: Gabriele and Edoardo.
2003-now: Assistant Professor (SEC-S/03, 13/D2 - Economic Statistics).
2001-2003: Research Assistant.
2000: Researcher in Istat, National Istitute of Statistics, Rome and Palermo, and Istat Supervisor for the 5th Census of Agriculture in the province of Trapani.
2000: Ph.D. form the Department of Statistics and Mathematics at the University of Napoli.
2000: SIS and SIE member.
2000: Research Activity at the Ministry of the Treasury.
2000: Research Contributor at the Cermef, Luiss University, Rome.
1998: School of Econometrics at the University of Bologna.
1998: visiting student at the United States International University in San Diego, Usa.
1997: visiting student at the Faculty of Economics and Judge Istitute of Management in Cambridge, Uk.
1997: School of Economic Statistics at the University of Bergamo.
1997: Cerisdi Istitute in Palermo.
1996: Isida Istitute in Palermo.
1995: Degree cum laude in Ecomomic and Statistic Sciences, Faculty of Economics, Palermo, and honourable mention at the thesis.

Research and Publications
Research interests include analysis of productivity and efficiency, territorial gaps with particular interest in economic applications for the italian areas. For publications see italian page.

Teaching (main)
Economic Statistics, Faculty of Economics.

More information (academic and personal) can be found in italian by surfing the links.