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Massimiliano Zingales is currently serving as Associate Professor of solid and structural mechanics in the italian scientific group ICAR/08. He got the M.S. in Civil Engineering, major structural engineering from University of Palermo in 1996 with the score 110/110 and “Summa cum Laude” for his dissertation  “Digital Simulation of Multivariate Vector of Seismic Accelerations”. In the same year he got a Ph.D. student position in Structural Engineering at University of Palermo and he graduated  in may 2000 with a dissertation  on “Digital Simulation of Multivariate Earthquake Ground Motion and Effects on the Seismic Response of Continuous Structures”. He has been appointed, in the period August 1997-December 1998 as “Visiting Researcher Fellow” at the College of Engineering of Florida Atlantic University (U.S.A.). In march 1999 he was admitted to the defense of the M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Florida Atlantic University. In march 2001 he was appointed of as a research associated at the Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering of University of Palermo for a research “Soft-computing methods and applications to structural engineering”. He has been appointed as visiting professor at University of Trento (Italy) , Florida Atlantic University (U.S.A.), Methodist Hospital Research Institute (U.S.A.), Carneige-Mellon University (U.S.A.) among others.   His main research topics are related to: i) Stochastic Mechanics; ii) Solid Mechanics; iii) Mechanics of Materials; iv) Termomechanics;  v) Fractional differential calculus; vi) Mechanics of fractal solids; vii) Biomechanics; viii) Micro/Nano mechanics. He is currently enrolled at  the second year of the medical school of Palermo. He got the national qualification as Associate Professor for the scientific group 08/B2 (Solid and structural mechanics) in 2012.  Since Jan. 01 2014 he is appointed as Associate Professor at the Department of Civil, Environmental, Aerospace, Material  Engineering (DICAM) of University of Palermo. 


He is an active member of the scientific academy:

  • American Institute of Physics (AIP), since 2013.
  • Italian Association of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (AIMETA), since 2002.
  • Society of Rheology (SOR), since 2012.
  • Stability committee of the Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI), since 2012.
  • Italian Group of Mathematical Physics (IGFM), since 2014.

His scientific achievements have been reported in more the 140 papers published in international ISI journals and presented to national and international conferences.


The bibliometric parameters, updated to Dec. 2014, report a number of citations >412 and an H-index>11 as from SCOPUS database.


He is serving as guest editor, since 2013, for Journal of Engineering Mechanics (ASCE) for a special issue on themes involving fractional-order calculus in mechanics and is currently serving as reviewer for more than 20 ISI international journals. He was involved in the organizing committee of National and International Conferences on different themes of engineering interest. He supervised many M.S. dissertations for master students in mechanical, aerospace and civil engineering. During the years 2007-2011 he supervised a MIUR research entitled  “A structured continuum for non-local elasticity problems”. Since 2012 he is co-tutoring a Ph.D. student of the Ph.D. school in Materials and Structural Engineering of Trento University.  Since February 2014 he is supervising a research project entitled:  “Mathematical models for “in vitro/in silico” of biological tissue mechanics for medical applications”.

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He has been involved in several research projects as:


  • PRIN 2003/2004: “Dynamic analysis of bridge structures under moving loads”, National Coodinator: Prof. L. Gambarotta
  • PRIN 2004/2005: “Structural health monitoring in presence of static and dynamics loads (deterministic and stochastic cases), National Coordinator: Prof. A. Materazzi
  • PRIN 2008/2009: “A Physical approach to viscoelasticity and phase transformations: Applications to fracture mechanics”; National Coordinator: Prof. A. Carpinteri
  • PRIN 2012/2014: “Dynamics, Stability and Control of Flexible Structures”; National coordinator: Prof. A. Luongo
  • Local research projects FOR (Ordinary research founding) since 2007.


Since 2012 he is in charge for the : “Biomechanics and Nanomechanics for Medical Sciences Laboratory” at the Mediterranean Center of Human Health and Advanced Biotechnologies (MED-CHHAB) founded with the “R&C” 2007/2013 project. Since 2013 he is also in charge for the: “Vascular prosthesis Laboratory” at the “Health Translational Research Regional Laboratory”  founded with the  “PO-FESR 4.1.2.A.”




He is currently  teaching “Strength of Materials” for the B.S. in Energetic Engineering and 

“Strength of Materials” for the B.S. in Electrical Engineering of University of Palermo. He is also teaching “Mechanical behavior of materials” at the M.S. in Materials Engineering at University of Palermo. 

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