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Academic programs





The Department of Civil, Environmental, Aerospace, Materials Engineering distinguishes itself from other programs by its interdisciplinary focus and the integrative nature of its undergraduate and graduate education within an intellectually rich environment of a highly ranked  institution. Technically rigorous and broad in scope, the DICAM academic programes provide an educational and research training experience at the intersection between the natural and built environment, utilizing expertise in environmental engineering, civil engineering, aerospatial engineering, geosystems, and water resources engineering. Students conduct interdisciplinary training that is supported by research activities in geohazards engineering, geomechanics, structural monitoring, materials, emerging contaminants, drinking water supply and quality, groundwater remediation, pollutant fate and transport, urban air pollution, and environmental health. The Civil, Environmental, Aerospace, Materials Engineering academic program consists of undergraduate and degree programs in environmental, environmental and water resources engineering, geosystems engineering, infrastructure engineering, and structural engineering and mechanics.

Fields of Study

  • Civil Engineering (Bachelor of Science and Master of Science)
  • Aerospace  Engineering (Master of Science)
  • Environmental Engineering (Bachelor of Science and Master of Science)
  • Building Engineering (Master of Science)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (Master of Science)


The Department of Civil, Environmental, Aerospace, Materials Engineering offers four different programs for the Doctor of Philosophy in Civil, Environmental, Materials Engineering

  • hydraulic and environmental engineering
  • materials engineering
  • structural and geothecnical engineering
  • transportation infrastructures engineering and geomatics