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Learning objectives


Program Director: Prof. Fabio Bucchieri

Since its XXVI cycle, the PhD School of BIOMEDICINE, NEUROSCIENCE and ADVANCED DIAGNOSTICS (ex Biomedicine and Neuroscience) has been offering students the possibility to undertake a joint PhD degree through a partnership with the NEUROSCIENCE GRADUATE PROGRAM of the University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston, TX, USA)
The goal of the PhD program is to train scientists with an extensive skill set in modern experimental techniques and a comprehensive knowledge of the conformation, structure and functions of the human body, who will use their expertise to explore the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in various human body functions and disorders, including those of the nervous system.
Our PhD program graduates are expected to pursue careers as researchers and/or teachers in the field of biomedicine and neuroscience in academic institutions, industry, biotechnology organisations or government bodies.
At the end of the PhD course, all students will present their work as a doctoral thesis in English. Students with scholarship can also be enrolled in the Neuroscience Graduate Program at the UTMB.
Main research Topics are: Regenerative medicine and therapeutic applications of stem cells; pathophysiological changes induced by stress in human tissues; modification of cell differentiation and the microenvironment that lead to aging and to the pathogenesis of human disease; identification of new biomarkers, including extracellular vesicles; development and testing of new therapeutic agents.


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