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Heterogeneous crystallization of zinc hydroxystannate on galvanized steel for enhancing the bond strength at the rebar/concrete interface


Zinc hydroxystannate (ZnSn(OH)6) coatings were deposited on galvanized carbon steel samples by an electroless heterogeneous crystallization process. Structural and morphological features of the coatings as a function of the immersion time were determined by X-ray diffraction, Raman Spectroscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy revealing the presence of truncated octahedrons of crystalline ZnSn(OH)6. Electrochemical characterization in a simulated concrete pore solution without and with addition of chloride ions proved that the cathodic protection is preserved and that ZnSn(OH)6 improved the corrosion resistance of the rebars. Pull-out tests demonstrated an enhanced bond strength at the rebar/concrete interface and, thus, an improved adhesion after the heterogeneous crystallization process.