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PCB-Based Planar Inductive Loops for Partial Discharges Detection in Power Cables

  • Autori: Sinda Kaziz; Pietro Romano; Antonino Imburgia; Guido Ala; Halim Sghaier; Denis Flandre; Fares Tounsi
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2023
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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Partial discharge (PD) diagnosis tests, including detecting, locating, and identifying, are used to trace defects or faults and assess the degree of aging in order to monitor the insulation condition of medium- and high-voltage power cables. In this context, an experimental evaluation of three different printed circuit board (PCB)-based inductive sensor topologies, with spiral, non-spiral, and meander shapes, is performed. The aim is to assess their capabilities for PD detection along a transmission power cable. First, simulation and experimental characterization are carried out to determine the equivalent electrical circuit and the quality factor of the three sensors. PD activity was studied in the lab on a 10-m-long defective MVAC cable. The three PCB-based sensors were tested in three different positions: directly on the defective cable (P1), at a separation distance of 10 cm to 3 m (P2), and on the ground line (P3). For the three positions, all sensors’ outputs present a damped sine wave signal with similar frequencies and durations. Experimental results showed that the best sensitivity was given by the non-spiral inductor, with a peak voltage of around 500 mV in P1, 428 mV in P2, and 45 mV in P3, while the meander sensor had the lowest values, which were approximately 80 mV in P1. The frequency spectrum bandwidth of all sensors was between 10 MHz and 45 MHz. The high sensitivity of the non-spiral inductor could be associated with its interesting properties in terms of quality factor and SFR, which are due to its very low resistivity. To benchmark the performance of the designed three-loop sensors, a comparison with a commercial high-frequency current transformer (HFCT) is also made.