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Short biography


Qualifications: Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Palermo (November 1987), with voting 110/110 magna cum laude; Ph.D. in Hydraulic Engineering (1993) at the University of Naples (Italy) with a dissertation on the environmental effects of a series of weir in a mountain river assessed by Extended Biotic Index.
Academic career: Researcher of hydraulics at the University of Palermo from 1995.
Present, assistant professor on “Urban Water Systems”. From 2000 to 2004 was assistant professor on “Floodplain Management” at Engineering Faculty of the University of Messina. From 1998 to 2003 was assistant professor on “Hydraulic Infrastructures” at Engineering Faculty of the University of Palermo.
Since 1993, he has been lecturing to post-graduate, doctoral and continuing education courses on topics dealing with hydraulic, hydrology, floodplain management, environmental quality of river, and has supervised more than 60 B.Sc theses at University of Palermo.
Research field
-Laboratory tests on diversion structures (modules) and spillways jump.
-Environmental quality and minimum flow requirements in a river ecosystem, using Extended Biotic Index.
-Flood mapping using one-dimensional and two-dimensional model in urban and non-urban areas.
-Hydrodynamic measurements in lagoons and coastal areas to calibrate numerical modelling.

The scientific research, in almost all paper, is always referred to the personal acquisition of hydraulic and environmental measures. These data were first explained physically and then were used for calibration of mathematical model. The acquisition in the first person of data has always required, both in the laboratory and in open field, a long time to knowledge of instrument, for the preparation of equipment, and for the acquisition of measures.