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Rotazione del personale nelle amministrazioni pubbliche e politiche contrasto alla corruzione: la prospettiva dell’ANAC


In the last decade, the Italian State has included staff rotation within the framework of anti-corruption policies, providing precise indications on how to implement it and verifying its practical achievements in the national public administration system. The purpose of this article is to provide a framework of the theories and practices of staff rotation from the point of view of the law and the main acts of the National anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC). The article therefore develops as follows. A first part is dedicated to the presentation of the different types of staff rotation. A second part deals with the principles guiding the reorganization actions by rotation of public administrations. A third part of the study is focused on an analysis of eight cases of staff rotation for anti-corruption aims, put in place by some Italian public administrations and analyzed by ANAC. The study concludes with some critical considerations on anti-corruption policies based on rotation personnel from an organizational perspective