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Effect of addition of Opuntia ficus-indica mucilage on the biological leavening, physical, nutritional, antioxidant and sensory aspects of bread

  • Autori: Liguori G.; Gentile C.; Gaglio Raimondo.; Perrone A.; Guarcello R.; Francesca N.; Fretto S.; Inglese P.; Settanni L.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2020
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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The addition of active compounds to enhance the functional properties of foods is a quite common practice. Recently, bread became one of the target foods to incorporate functional ingredients such as those deriving from Opuntia spp. So far, only Opuntia ficus-indica cladodes in powder has been tested. The addition of fresh O. ficus-indica mucilage (in substitution to water) did not influence the biological leavening of the doughs. The resulting breads showed a biological role of the cactus mucilage, because their antioxidant activity was higher than that of control wheat bread. The sensory analysis indicated a general appreciation of the breads enriched with O. ficus-indica mucilage by the judges. The inclusion of fresh cactus mucilage in bread production might increase the dietary antioxidant intake due to its daily worldwide consumption.