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Short Biography


He has a PhD. Research degree in Engineering (PhD in Ingegneria Idraulica ed Ambientale) achieved at the Università degli Studi di Palermo (Italy) (Department of Hydraulics Engineer and Environmental Applications, Faculty of Engineering of University of Palermo (Italy)). He has made a PhD. thesis on “Soil–Vegetation system characterization using microwave Remotely Sensed data”.

He is Graduated at the University of Palermo (Italy), Faculty of Engineering with maximum votes (110/110) on Ingegneria per l’ambiente ed il Territorio - Indirizzo Pianificazione Territoriale (Engineering of Environmental with specialization on Urban Pianification). He has made a thesis on “Use of differential SAR interferometry for detecting and measuring ground displacement due to a extensive landslide near Niscemi (Sicily, Italy).”

His research field is Remote Sensing applied on Hydrology and precision farming (Hydrological Models, Energy Balance for Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere boundary, Vegetation Dynamics, Soil Moisture) as well as Water Quality (Chl-a, TSS, STT and NT from optical passive sensors; oil spill detection through SAR images), by processing images acquired both by passive and active sensors.

Moreover, he writes chain of processing and algorithms using “C” and “IDL” languages.

In 7th of September he becomes a Member of the Society SPIE - International society for optics and photonics advancing light-based technologies.

On 12/05/2006 he has became a Ph.D. Student of Università delgi Studi di Palermo, Facoltà di Ingegneria - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Idraulica ed Applicazioni Ambientali (Department of Hydraulics Engineer and Environmental Applications, Faculty of Engineering of University of Palermo).

The 7, May of 2007 He obtains the ITT-VIS “ENVI and IDL programming intermediate skill level” certification. Lecturer Dr. Stefano Gagliano.

Recently he has been involved in the CALYPSO project (PO Italia-Malta 2007-2013) for the setting up of a permanent and fully operational HF radar observing system, capable of recording (in real-time with hourly updates) surface currents in the Malta Channel.


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