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Soggettività in relazione: un percorso di ricerca sui vissuti giovanili


Considering the most recent research on the condition of youth and the experiences of young people related to the pandemic time, this contribution intends to show an empirical research conducted through the phenomenological method with 190 male and female students, aged between 18 and 30, from the Primary Education Sciences courses at the University of Palermo. The participants had the opportunity to stop and reflect on their own experiences, to share a space and time for self-narration, in order to enhance the encounter with the other, to see, through the experiences of others, resources for their own existence and to co-construct common meanings. The analysis of the “data” was carried out during the four workshop meetings by the students them- selves who, working in groups and playing the role of co-researchers, were able to experience phenomenology as a specific research method in which intersubjectivity becomes an irreplaceable heuristic and ped- agogical resource.