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International Students


The Language Centre (CLA) of the University of Palermo offers an extensive programme of foreign language courses, which are free for students, PhD students, teaching and administrative staff of our University. Furthermore, it works as a research centre together with University Institutes at regional, national and international level.

Who are we?

President: Prof. Daniela Tononi

Vice-president: Prof. Giulia Adriana Pennisi

Administrative and technical staff

Mother tongue Language experts

Foreign Languages at the CLA

The University Language Centre offers courses in the following foreign languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish.

Students can take advantage of the Language Centre’s courses. Foreign language skills are compulsory on a certain level in some degree programmes. The language courses for students of all disciplines comprise elementary courses for students with or without previous knowledge as well as general and advanced degree-related language courses.

Activities at the CLA


  • ž  language courses and administration of language tests for students of those courses where the language knowledge is required as “idoneità”;

  • ž  Erasmus selection and courses for outgoing Erasmus students and language selections for other accredited institutions;

  • ž  managing international certification of the main European languages (IELTS, DELE);

  • ž  collaboration with the School of Italian as a 2nd language (ITASTRA);

  • ž  English language tests for Primary school teachers (PFLISP);

  • ž  development of new methodologies and technologies in the field of language teaching, together with innovative teaching materials

  • ž  Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support

  • ž  Conversation Club for Academic Staff



Aware that digital technologies offer new learning opportunities, the CLA is working on e-learning languages course production, with the aim to facilitate language learning.

Some students are not able to attend traditional language courses at CLA because they have to attend other compulsory courses at the same time or they are engaged in other activities such as training. The solution to help them, to support their learning, is e-learning or blended learning.

The online language courses in the Moodle platform have aimed to develop Dynamic Learning Environments:

  • English B1 for about 200 students in Scienze della formazione primaria;

  • English for health professionals for about 300 students in health professions;

  • online language testing.

Open Badge

The Language Centre (CLA) of the University of Palermo is also trying to standardize language courses and provide graduates with certificates that are also recognised outside of universities, through an open badge system:

English B1 - English B2 – French B1 – French B2 – German B1 – German B2 – Spanish B1 – Spanish B2


The Italian Language School for Foreign Students (ITASTRA) is an institution belonging to the Department of Humanities of the University of Palermo. It promotes language learning, teacher training and research in the field of Second Language Acquisition and Italian as a Second/ Foreign Language.

The School regularly organises several different courses of: Italian Language and Culture (i.e., cooking, photograph, etc.).

The growing activity of the School is structured on different levels with the double aim of placing the learner in the centre of the teaching activities and proposing a model of language that is close to the linguistic and cultural habits on one side, and to the territorial and social environment on the other side.
Regarding education and teacher training, the School works in close cooperation with two postgraduates courses in Italian Language Acquisition. The School also promotes and hosts international seminars for teachers of Italian on the most up-to-date methodologies in language teaching.
The School signs international agreements with universities of different countries of the world to promote and spread its activities. Many agreements on teaching and scientific cooperation have already been signed and many others are being initialised.

The School is located in the ex convent of Sant’Antonino, a building from the XVII century. The building has been recently and entirely refurbished and it is also the location of Palermo University Language Centre. The School is right in the heart of Palermo and it is well served by public transport.

It is very close to the central railway station and to the historical market “Ballarò”.

Our classrooms are all air-conditioned and they all offer a well-equipped learning environment.

Piazza Sant'Antonino, n. 1, Palermo (see map)



tel: +39 091 23869601

Working Hours:

Monday: 14:30 - 17:30

Tuesday: 10.30 - 13:30

Thursday: 10:30 - 13:30