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International Students

Traineeship and Placement


We offer career services to help graduates to increase their job opportunities, meet companies and enter the world of work.

The career Service Office offers a number of services promoting the active job search methods and supporting graduates in the development of a career plan.

Services for students and graduates

  • Career Service Infopoint
  • Almalaurea’s job-bank
  • Internship and Placement opportunities
  • Recruiting Day and Career Day ((meetings between students/graduates and companies).
  • Apprenticeship Program
  • Corporate relations and Institutional partnership

In addition, graduates can use the Job Placement App AlmaGO app. It’s a web utility to select in advance the companies that they want to meet and the interesting job-profiles.

Services for companies

We organize different types of initiatives to allow companies to contact students/graduates from our University and recruit resources with the skill sets they require.

  • Almalaurea’s job-platform (The Platform allows the placement office to register entities and companies and to carry out intermediation and support activities in the selection of the professional profiles they are seeking).
  • Recruiting Day and Career Day (meetings between students/graduates and companies).


Jobs and Iternship Board

This Bulletin Board allows companies to publish job offers and/or extra curricular internships. The preparation of the offer is handled autonomously by the company, but its publication must be approved by university placement office staff.


We create opportunities for interaction and fulfilment between the demand and supply sides of the graduate labour market, designed to enhance mobility between education and the world of work.

Services and activities provided

Advisory services for students/graduates and businesses/employing organisations
Career p
lan, recruitment advice and information:

  • via a range of services, activities and initiatives offered and information on how these can be accessed;
  • current opportunities, recruitment incentives, calls for tenders, competitive calls, regional and national employability programmes;
  • registration and use of the AlmaLaurea databank.

AlmaLaurea: the university databank
A University of Palermo service bringing together graduates seeking work and organisations offering work.

  • Employers can publish job and internship offers, access CVs and get in touch with potential candidates directly.
  • Graduates can create and update their CVs, access job and internship offers and submit applications (once registered).

Go to AlmaLaurea service for EMPLOYERS
Go to AlmaLaurea services for GRADUATES

Recruiting Day and Career Day
Events which enable students and graduates to interact in person with HR and Recruiting Managers of participating employers. The events provide the opportunity to attend employers’ presentations, ask questions, submit your CV and undergo individual interviews.

Higher Work-Study Apprenticeship
(promotion and support provided)
A type of paid contract, of negotiable duration, designed to enable both university study and employment at the same time.
This gives employers the opportunity to invest in the professional development and growth of university-level resources within the context of their own business, in line with their specific business requirements and development plans, at lower cost and with fiscal incentives.
The apprenticeship gives students/graduates the opportunity to combine work and HE study: to be employed in a business (public or private sector) and to develop professionally at the same time as undertaking a related university degree course or research programme.

Partnerships and affiliations (Third Mission)
In the context of the university’s role as an anchor institution in society, Career and Placement Services has developed and is committed to developing partnership agreements and memoranda of understanding with the principal Employment organisations, Professional Bodies and Associations, with the aim of stimulating regional development with stakeholders. The objective of these collaborative partnerships s is to create synergy
in the generation and circulation of validated work opportunities within the regional employment ecosystem.


The Training and Development Internship is an extracurricular activity, comprising a period of training or development within a public or private sector business, which for students and those about to graduate takes place during the degree course, and for new graduates takes place within 12 months of graduation.
The maximum duration of the Internship is 12 months, whether for students or graduates, the latter being required to begin the internship within 12 months of graduation.
An internship involves three parties: the intern; the proposing organisation (University of Palermo); the hosting organisation (business or public sector).
In a training-based internship, the university tutor (university lecturer) and the business mentor (not necessarily formally part of the business), who guide and support the intern in undertaking the work assigned, are also involved.


An internship abroad is an excellent opportunity not only to develop work experience but also to develop key transversal competencies such as cross-cultural skills and improving your foreign language skills in the host country.
The internship provides an opportunity to discover of the world of business at first hand, and enables cross-checking and completing of theoretical and methodological learning received in the course of the training.


Regardless of the destination or type of internship, the student or graduate must have the following before going abroad:

  • a good knowledge of English or the relevant language for the internship (minimum of B1 is advised), certified by internationally recognised qualifications or proven and relevant experience abroad;
  • a good knowledge of information technology

Once these prerequisites have been checked, the following steps are necessary to create an internship:

  • DRAW UP an AGREEMENT (Convenzione) between The University of Palermo (the proposing organisation) and the business/association/public body (offering organisation) - the necessary forms are available from the Industrial Liaison Office (link here);

  • COMPLETE the TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECT form (Progetto Formativo) and DELIVER 4 signed copies (including the signature of the business tutor appointed by the hosting organisation) to Internship Services;

  • Download and complete the TIMESHEET (Registro delle presenze) during the internship.


At the end of the Internship, the intern should:

Be certain to forward via email:

If for serious and well-founded reasons the Internship has to be discontinued before the projected end date, the Intern or the business organisation must immediately give notice to the Internship office, which will in turn ensure that the process is formally concluded and that project is closed and archived. The final documentation is still required, however.


Workplace Accident and Injury Protection Insurance, and Civil Liability

The Intern is covered by a purpose-built insurance policy, whether for injury or for Civil Liability
The insurance is valid for injuries that may happen in the course of the institutional internship activity anywhere in the world. For activities undertaken in establishments geographically at variance with those specified in the Training and Development Project, notice of the transfer to the new place of work must be communicated in advance.

Personal Health Insurance

For countries that are members of the European Community, holders of the European Health Insurance Card (E111) are covered. Those who do not have the E111 can request it via the national health services in their country of residence.
For countries outside the European Union (with some exceptions via bilateral agreements) private health insurance should be obtained from any reputable insurance company or travel agency.


Placement Service

Deputy Head on Career Services:
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Office Manager
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Where: viale delle Scienze - Building 2 (2nd Floor) Room 14
Web Site: -> Laureati -> Placement
Reception Service: Monday- Wednesday - Friday (9 AM– 1 PM)

 Training and Development Internships

Deputy Head on Career Services:
prof.ssa Ornella Giambalvo (

Office Manager
Ornella Facciolà (091.23890750 -

dott.ssa Giuseppina Giordano (091.23890736 -
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Reception Service: Monday- Wednesday - Friday (9 AM – 1 PM)