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International Students

Winter and Summer School ITASTRA


The Summer and Winter Schools are international courses with short-term programs (generally from 1 to 3 weeks) that can confer university training credits on participants. The University of Palermo promotes and organizes Summer Schools both in Italy and abroad thanks to the collaboration with partner universities and institutes. All the activities of the International Summer Schools generally take place in English. All information on courses, terms and conditions for participation, are accessible through the dedicated website:

Winter School

Summer School


The international Summer and Winter Schools are aimed at students and young graduates from Italy and from all over the world and, in some cases, to specific professional figures. Some programs require participants to possess particular qualifications or qualifications (Master's Degree, PHD): these requirements are indicated from time to time in the description of the individual projects. It is however necessary to have at least a high school diploma and be eighteen years old at the time of enrollment closing.


After consulting the training offer and the access requirements of each program, you can register by filling out the registration form (specific for each program) within the indicated deadlines.

For any information relating to the programs and access procedures, it is possible to write to or +39 091 23869601.

Once the form has been filled in, you will receive an approval confirmation or an email within the deadline indicating the reasons for any exclusion from the program (absence of access requirements, late application, maximum number of members already reached).

Imp. Once the confirmation is received you can proceed with the payment of the tuition relating to the Summer School.


The courses are held at the ITASTRA Italian language school for foreigners (map)