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Inbound tutoring


This activity is part of the work carried out by the entire Department of Engineering and mainly consists of:

  • participation in the Welcome Week for presenting the academic offerings of the University at the university campus;
  • visits to some high schools in the city of Palermo, its Province, as well as the Provinces of Trapani, Agrigento, and Ragusa.

The activity involves a presentation of the degree program given by a faculty member from the same program, appointed by the Coordinator for this activity, with the aim of informing about the role of management engineers in their various competencies and illustrating the educational path of the program.

Another relevant orientation channel for access to the Master's Degree are the days within the initiatives organized annually by the Study Program for Management Week.

These are days the Study Program organizes for all Management Engineering students (both at the undergraduate and graduate levels) with the dual purpose of sharing the results of surveys conducted by the Study Program Council regarding the placement of its graduates in the job market and discussing any issues or problems encountered with the students.

There is also a presentation day for the Master's Degree in Management Engineering in Palermo for students in the second and third years of the undergraduate program to give them a thorough understanding of the prospects of the educational path in Management Engineering at the University of Palermo.

Furthermore, successful experiences of Master's graduates in Management Engineering in Palermo are presented to the undergraduate students in order to explain the educational path of the Master's Degree and highlight its strengths, especially in terms of future placement in the job market.

At the university level:

The University's Center for Guidance and Tutoring organizes orientation activities for incoming students, tutoring, and outbound orientation. The incoming orientation initiatives, aimed at supporting students throughout the process of accessing university programs, include informational activities and individual counseling.

There are planned activities with high school students, initiatives with schools, and a reception desk for parents.

There is also a guidance and reception desk for foreign students, as well as a psychological counseling service for students who require psychological support for adaptation issues in university life (exam anxiety, interpersonal problems, personal distress).

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