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Icar04 - Highways, Railways and Airports - Research


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Research projects


The Infrastructures Group of the DICAM is currently involved in several ongoing researches, as follows:

  • Development, validation and calibration of constitutive modelling for asphalt mixtures and bitumen
  • Analytical design of asphalt pavement using incremental models
  • Reuse of discarded materials in asphalt mixtures for production of innovative and higly performing materials
  • Soil stabilization and treatment with lime and or cement, for use in railway and road embankment
  • Evaluation of the role of geometric design on road safety and crash data analysis for the calibration of safety performance functions, especially for road intersections
  • Development of methods for the calculation of operating performances at roundabouts with traditional and innovative layouts, to define the suitability domains useful in design applications and evaluate their effects on air quality
  • Image Processing & Analysis applications for automatic detection of geometrical and physical characteristics of road materials
  • Definition of advanced maintenance methods for roads and railways, based on LCCA (Life Cycle Cost Analysis), LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) as well as on genetic algorithm;
  • Modeling of railways structures and embankment for the analysis of induced vibrations.

Research project

  • Prof. Gaetano Di Mino (2012) SUP&R ITN – Sustainable Pavements & Railways Initial Training Network – Responsible of the Local Research Group
  • Prof. Gaetano Di Mino (2012) CEDR TRANSNATIONAL ROAD RESEARCH PROGRAMME Call 2012 – AllBack2Pave - Toward a sustainable 100% recycling of reclaimed asphalt in road pavements- Responsible of the Local Research Group
  • Ing. Clara Celauro (2013)- Constitution of a “MEDiterraneanNETwork for emerging NAnomaterials MEDNETNA” - Action 4.1.2A ERDF ProgrammeSicilia 2007/2013. Component of the Local Research Group
  • Ing. Clara Celauro (2012) Technological and process innovation for the manufacturing sector “INTEP" - Action 4.1.2A ERDF ProgrammeSicilia 2007/2013. Component of the Local Research Group