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Icar04 - Highways, Railways and Airports - Laboratory


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The Infrastructure Group develops its research in the experimental facilities of the Road, Railways and Airport Laboratory, former Laboratory of construction of Road Railways and airport and originally established in 1959 together with the Institute of Road Construction.

The Laboratory of Roads, Railways and Airport, which is an Official State Laboratory according to Italian law n. 1086/1971, it houses a wide collection of specially-designed facilities to assess the properties and performance of road materials and components, also involved, at international level, in round-robin testing programs for standard development and harmonization. In the last decades, its equipment has been continuously updated to the most recent testing standard.

The Laboratory is now fully equipped for ordinary and advanced testing on bitumen, aggregate, bituminous mixtures and emulsions, soils, road markers paints, traffic surveys etc. It offers testing services to the public and private sectors, mainly Road Authorities and local Administrators, General Contractors of public works and other stakeholders.