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Icar04 - Highways, Railways and Airports - Description


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The Infrastructure Group of the DICAM isfocused on the design, construction, management and maintenance of structures for transportation infrastructures,such as pavements for roads, airports and industrial sites, rail structures for railways and tramways, and other related structures.

The Group provides more than 40 ECTS for the academic courses for the School of Civil engineering and Environmental Engineering of the Polytechnic School of the University of Palermo. In the academic years 2010/2011 e 2011/2012, the group has defined and coordinated two editions of the Master Course in “Environmental Sustainability of the Trasport Infrastructures”, co-funded by EC within the ESF Programme Sicilia 2007/2013.

Key areas of academic interest include road design, network and vehicle safety; road traffic safety and management, planning and control; road pavement serviceability, maintenance systems of road and airportsand environmental impact of design and construction of road, railways and airports. Special attention is paid to materials characterization for advanced technologies, also with the experimental support of the Laboratory of Roads, Railways and Airport.