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  • 1. DYNAMIC – “Dynamic Row for Coronavirus Emergency” – Una APP contro il COVID-19 dal Dipartimento di Biomedica, Neuroscienze e Diagnostica Avanzata di UniPa per i ricercatori di tutto il mondo (100%)

    21-mag-2020 13.13.41

    DYNAMIC – “Dynamic Row for Coronavirus Emergency” – Una APP contro il COVID-19 dal Dipartimento di Biomedica, Neuroscienze e Diagnostica Avanzata di UniPa per i ricercatori di tutto il mondo articolo, notizia, unipa, BIND, app, Dynamic L’idea di Valentina Di Felice e Dario Saguto, del Dipartimento ... e le altre misure atte a prevenire il contagio da SARS- Cov-2. In particolare, DYNAMIC consentirà, attraverso ... agli interessati dati certi circa tempi e risorse necessari per il rilascio sul mercato di DYNAMIC

  • 2. cv_ridotto_prof_Muscolino_16 (45%)

    16-apr-2020 8.21.27

    “ Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures with Geometrical Nonlinearities and Uncertain ... structural systems under Gaussian and non-Gaussian filtered input. Corso CISM (Udine) DYNAMIC ... , Lisbon, Portugal. 9  2006. Invited lecture entitled: Dynamic analysis of viscoelastically damped ... Canaria-Spain.  2008. Invited lecture entitled: Dynamic analysis of vehicle-bridge interaction ... TECHNOLOGY, Athens-Greece.  2010. Invited lecture entitled: Dynamic analysis of suspended cables crossed

  • 3. cv_ippoliti (42%)

    5-mar-2021 9.48.42

    , lo studio è condotto rispetto alle seguenti linee di ricerca: Linea 1: Statistical Dynamic Shape ... per l’assegnazione di nuovi oggetti a gruppi preesistenti. Linea 2: Dynamic Spatial Factor Models. L’obiettivo ... dinamica delle forme (dynamic shape analysis). Gennaio - Marzo 2010: è visiting professor presso ... Prof. D. Gamerman) dal titolo “Building bayesian dynamic regression models for the analysis of spatio ... il Department of Statistics, Imperial College, London (UK) Maggio 2016: Generalized Dynamic Structural

  • 4. cv_forni (38%)

    18-feb-2021 9.30.40

    Bertocchi. • PRIN (COFIN) 2004, “Dynamic factor models in structural economic analysis and ... analysis for macroeconomic applications. Specific interests: Structural VARs, Large Dynamic Factor Models ... . 2018. ”The Forecasting Performance of Dynamic Factor Models with Vintage Data,” CEPR Discussion ... Estimators for the Number of Dynamic Factors”, CEPR Discussion Papers no. 11440. Forni, M., Gambetti ... S. Soccorsi, 2018. ”Dynamic Factor Models with Infinite-Dimensional Factor Space: Forecasting

  • 5. CV Urga (37%)

    7-apr-2020 9.03.10

    . Khalaf) • Consistency of state space estimation of dynamic factor models with autoregressive loadings ... Comovements During Crises: A Dynamic Multi-Factor Model Approach” (with M. Belvisi and R. Pianeti). Advances in Econometrics Vol. 35 on Dynamic Factor Models, 35, 317-360. * (2015) “Maximum Non ... ;, (with A. Lanza and P. Temple). Tourism Management, 24, 315-321. * (2003), "Dynamic Translog and Linear ... Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 61, pp.749-767. * (1999) "An Application of Dynamic

  • 6. pennestri_cv (36%)

    17-apr-2020 10.26.52

    Analysis of Epicyclic Spur-Gear Trains, September 1992. 4. Fiat Research Center, Dynamic analysis ... Vasco, Dynamic analysis of planar linkages by means of multibody techniques, Short Teaching Visit ... ) Patents { Dynamic Art iculated Orthopaedic Seat-Back, 5/13 ITRM20000505, 2002-03-18. { Platform ... per la pubblicazione. [2] BOZZONE M, PENNESTRI’ E., and SALVINI P. Dynamic analysis of a bogie for hunting ... ] VALENTINI P.P and PENNESTRI’ E. Modeling elastic beams using dynamic splines. MULTIBODY SYSTEM

  • 7. Schede_1_23.pdf (31%)

    15-giu-2021 12.33.16

    of national projects. ICAR08 Dynamic analysis and monitoring The analysis of the dynamic behavior ... that induce dynamic stresses on the structures that can be characterized only through an adequate ... interventions to be carried out. From what has been said above, the importance of dynamic analysis ... characteristics of the aggregate. Dynamic predictive models of the hereditary behavior of cellular and nuclear ... the corresponding ligands. Stochastic differential calculus In Structural Engineering most of the dynamic

  • 8. Militello (29%)

    14-nov-2014 8.51.01

    dynamic properties of carbonmonoxy hemoglobin Biophys. Chem., 2003, 104, 335-344. 24. V. Militello ... . Santucci and A. Desideri Local dynamic properties of the heme pocket in native and solvent induced ... substitution has different effects on the steric, dynamic and functional properties of human 10 C ... . Fronticelli Dynamic Properties of Some -Chains Mutant Hemoglobins. Proteins: Structure, Function and ... Dynamic and Functional Properties of a - Crosslinked Derivative. Physica Medica, 1993, 9, 43-46

  • 9. DR1885_2020_bando_dottorati_xxxvi_ciclo_v08_def_signed_prot (29%)

    24-giu-2020 17.05.10

    rispettivamente il Senato Accademico e il Consiglio di Amministrazione hanno approvato l’elenco dei corsi ... al concorso i candidati, ai sensi della delibera del Consiglio di Amministrazione n. 05 dell’11.4.2013 ... I dottorati internazionali, approvati dal Consiglio di Amministrazione nella seduta del 14.05.2020 ... di Amministrazione del 29.03.2017 e con D.R. n. 1647 del 22.05.2017, come di seguito specificati

  • 10. 02_mainardi_curriculum (28%)

    16-apr-2020 8.56.09

    . Thesis title: Multivariate Models for the study of the dynamic interactions of cardiovascular control ... variability obtained by video-PPG [122]. the analysis of the dynamic of Pupil Diameter Fluctuations ... for detecting dynamic behaviour," AUTONOMIC NEURO- SCIENCE: BASIC & CLINICAL, vol. 90, pp. 3 ... the dynamic responses of cardiovas- cular control," CRITICAL REVIEWS IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEER- ING, vol ... , and R. Musumeci, \A method for dynamic subtraction MR imaging of the liver.," BMC MEDICAL

  • 11. Albo-dottori-26-29-2017 (28%)

    13-dic-2018 9.43.50


  • 12. cv_barnabè (27%)

    14-apr-2021 10.47.53

    ., Strategic Scenario Analysis Combining Dynamic Balanced Scorecards and Statistics, International ... reporting practices: a dynamic resource‑ based perspective, Journal of Management and Governance, 23(2 ... training for dynamic businesses, Journal of Workplace Learning, 25(5), pp. 328-342 (DOI 10.1108/JWL ... /17410401111140383). 21 (2011) Barnabè F., The Dynamic Nature Of Strategy: Reflections On Kim Warren’s ... del settore sanitario, Amministrazione & Finanza, inserto al n. 11/2014, pp. III-XVI. 6 (2014

  • 13. cur_ aonorati_new (26%)

    17-apr-2020 10.26.48

    was focused on the simulation of the gas dynamic behavior of I.C. engine silencers. During the PhD he ... dynamic model (GASDYN-OpenFOAM) for the simulation of I.C. engines, to calculate the unsteady ... of the 1D-3D thermo-fluid dynamic codes developed by the research group. He has been the scientific ... code) and OpenFOAM (multidimensional CFD code). Thermo-fluid dynamic modeling of unsteady reacting ... thermo-fluid dynamic simulation of I.C. engines. Awards: In April 2011 he received the Lloyd L

  • 14. cv villani (26%)

    16-gen-2018 13.49.07

    mostly teaches courses of Dynamic Systems and Automatic Control for the 1st level Laurea and 2nd level ... by MISE–Italian Ministry of Economic Development. 2013–2018 RoDyMan, Robotic Dynamic Manipulation ... for dynamic identification, model-based control, trajectory planning, collision detection and compliant ... and for the journals: Advanced Robotics; ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control ... . Workshops Oct. 2002 Co-organizer, Workshop on Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerance for Dynamic Systems

  • 15. cv polonara (26%)

    8-gen-2018 12.29.00

    methods for transport properties (dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity) of liquids along the liquid ... of Greenhouse Gases: Thermal Conductivity and Dynamic Viscosity as Function of Temperature and Pressure, Energy ... -5 8) G. Latini, G. Passerini, F. Polonara, A relationship between dynamic viscosity and reduced ... . Santori, A. Freni, F. Polonara, and G. Restuccia, An adsorptive solar ice- maker dynamic simulation ... evaluation and dynamic simulation of a ground coupled heat pump for a commercial building, International

  • 16. Di Paola curriculum (26%)

    14-nov-2018 12.27.57

    Journals   1.    Di Paola, M., Mallandrino, G., 1981, Dynamic response of a pile subjected to random ... , B., 2000,  On the characterization of Dynamic properties of Random Processes by Spectral ... ., Failla G., 2004, “A Correction Method for Dynamic Analysis of Linear Systems”, Computer and Structures,   82, 1217-1226. Bilello C., Di Paola M., Salamone S., 2005, “A correction method for dynamic ... of MDOF systems, Stochastic Structural Dynamic (Eds. Y.K. Lin, I. Elishakoff), Springer Varlag, Berlin

  • 17. CV FICARELLAR50 (25%)

    23-apr-2020 16.29.22

    e interlocutore per il MIUR in tema di aerospazio. Componente del Consiglio di Amministrazione ... nel Distretto Aerospaziale Pugliese dal 31/07/2008. Componente del Consiglio di Amministrazione ... , gennaio 1991. 3B) "Fluid Dynamic Phenomena in Fuel-Injection Systems", Ficarella A., D ... ", Ficarella A., M. Napolitano, 4th International Symposium on Computational Fluid Dynamic ... Internationales su les Flamme, Biarritz (Francia), 16-18 marzo 1994. 16) "3-D Thermal-Fluid Dynamic Study

  • 18. cv giarrè (24%)

    16-gen-2018 13.49.07

    in Noncooperative Dynamic Games: a Multi-Retailer Inventory Application. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ... . Giarré, R. Pesenti. Nonlinear protocols for optimal distributed consensus in networks of dynamic ... : Microcantilever-Sample Interaction in Scanning Probe Microscopes. ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems ... , Turkey, 2003. [C34] M. Cellura, L. Giarré, V. Lo Brano, A. Orioli. Thermal dynamic models using z ... , L. Giarré, R. Pesenti. Approximate-Dynamic Programming for Multi-Retailers Inventory Control, IEEE

  • 19. CV Lenci (24%)

    23-apr-2020 16.29.22

    di Amministrazione dell’Università Politecnica delle Marche. 2019- ........... Fellow of the American Society ... F., Lenci S., 2007, “Dynamic interactions between parametric pendulum and electrodynamical shaker ... , “Competing dynamic solutions in a parametrically excited pendulum: attractor robustness and basin ... under dynamic excitations,” Int. J. Non-Linear Mech., 46, 1240-1251. 73. Orlando D., Goncalves P.B ... Safety of Von Mises Truss via Control of Dynamic Escape,” Applied Mechanics and Materials, 849, 46

  • 20. cv_maruotti (24%)

    5-mar-2021 9.48.43

    : a dynamic clustering approach. METRON, 77: 19–42. 8. A. Punzo, S. Ingrassia and A. Maruotti (2018 ... and F. Martella (2017). Dynamic mixtures of factor analyzers to characterize multivariate air ... . Petrella (2017). Multiple risk measures for multivariate dynamic heavy-tailed models. Journal ... . Picone (2015). Environmental conditions in semi-enclosed basins: A dynamic latent class approach ... , A. Maruotti and L. Petrella (2013). A dynamic hurdle model for zero- inflated panel count data