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  • 1. Ancient DNA Course (100%)

    5-ott-2015 9.27.34

    Ancient DNA Course ancient, dna, course Continua la programmazione della Summer School “DNA & Forensic” – The First Mediterranean Summer School in Forensic Science - 2015. Dal 14 al 18 settembre si svolgerà il modulo “ANCIENT DNA & Old Skeletal Remains”. Docenti: D. Caramelli (UNIFI), E. Carra (UNIPA), P. Francalacci (UNISS), L. Sìneo (UNIPA). ROBERTO LA BARBERA /sites/portale/_categories/notizia/comunicazioni/

  • 2. Prog_AtGlance Module V (36%)

    27-lug-2015 9.25.55

      DNA   Contaminations   &   Ancient   H   keleton  B  iology  &

  • 3. 7.Nicola Reggiani (Hormos 6_2014) (31%)

    13-lug-2015 15.29.56

    : A corpus of mantic writings in ancient Athens and Sparta?”. Ringrazio gli organizzatori delle ... in Ancient Greece, Princeton (NJ) 2005, 89-90; N. Reggiani, La Giustizia cosmica. Le riforme di Solone ... . le osservazioni di duBois, Out of Athens. The New Ancient Greeks, Cambridge (MA), London 2010, 62. 8 ... ”), «Вестник Древней Истории (Journal of Ancient History)» IV (2002), 110-30: passim; C. Brillante ... and the Problem of Authority, in S. Iles Johnston - P.T. Struck (eds.), Mantikê. Studies in Ancient

  • 4. Faculty of Arts and Humanities (30%)

    9-mag-2016 16.24.26

    Geography of Greek World 9 History of Greek Sicily 9 Anthropological History of Ancient Greece 9 History ... Grammar 9 Classic and European Literatures 9 Ancient Philosophy 9 Theatre and Drama of Antiquity 9 Group of Optional Educational Activities III credits Didactics of Latin 9 Latin Philology 9 Ancient ... Linguistics 9 Late-Ancient Latin Literature 9 Group of Optional Educational Activities IV credits Didactics of Latin 9 Latin Philology 9 Ancient Christian Literature - integrated course - Greek Christian

  • 6. Atti "Diagnostic for Cultural Heritage" (25%)

    25-giu-2014 12.58.11

    ., Palla F. A ts udy of the acouts ic ap rameter s o f ancient theater s 93 Rodonò G., Franzitta .V

  • 7. 14_Claudia_Giuffrida_Hormos3ns_2011 (24%)

    8-mar-2013 22.32.56

    - T.P. Wiseman (Eds.), Lies and Fiction in the Ancient World, Exeter 1993. 12 Vd. infra 199 e n. 44 ... in the Ancient World, Exeter 1993, in cui lo studioso sottolinea «the double perspective opened up by the volume's title, one ancient and one modern: lie vs fiction, (something like incorrect statement vs ... with early Greek poetry and philosophy, two with ancient historiography and two with the hellenistic ... ., 175-229. 16 D.C. Feeney, Towards an Account of the Ancient World’s Concept of Fictive Belief, ibid

  • 8. 22_Mariachiara_Angelucci_Hormos3ns_2011 (23%)

    8-mar-2013 22.33.00

    of the ancient geographical terminology see H. Berger, Geschichte der wissenschaftliche Erdkunde der Griechen ... World, Cambridge 2006, 167. 16 J.S. Trail, Persons of Ancient Athens, III, Toronto 1994, 486-493 nn ... B.C., and the temple of Zeus in Dodona, where the most ancient oracle in Greece was located ... that the Periegete, while dealing with ancient monuments and offerings, referred also the inscriptions ... . Faraone - L.K. McClure (Eds.), Prostitutes and Courtesans in the Ancient World, Chicago 2006, 145

  • 9. Restani Curriculum vitae (23%)

    2-apr-2020 16.40.07

    CAREER DEVELOPMENT 1993-1999 adjunct professor of History of Music in the Ancient age, University ... in the Ancient Greece, MOISA 3rdInternational Conference, Ravenna, University of Bologna (http ... , Ravenna, 20-22 November 2014 MOISA 9th Seminar on Ancient Greek and Roman Music, Riva del Garda ... and Literature 2004-2007 History of Literature for Music 2000-2005 History of Ancient, Medieval and ... PROGRAMME (LM) IN LIBRARY AND ARCHIVE SCIENCE (2016- ) 2016- Musical heritage of the ancient world

  • 10. 18_Gianluca_Cuniberti_Hormos3ns_2011 (22%)

    8-mar-2013 22.32.58

    . Kurke, The Economy of kydos, in C. Daugherty - L. Kurke (Eds.), Cultural Poetics in Ancient Greece ... la carta riprodotta in J. Swaddling, The Ancient Olympic Games, London 1980, 8. ὅρμος - Ricerche ... connessi alle liste dei vincitori, cfr. P. Christesen, Olympic Victor Lists and Ancient Greek History ... , Greek Sports from Ancient Sources, Berkeley-Los Angeles-Oxford 1991, 105-106; C. Mann, Athlet und Polis ... Festival in the Ancient Greek World, Swansea- Oakvelle 2003, 293-349, spec. 297; S.G. Miller, Ancient

  • 11. 8. Giuseppe Squillace (Hormos 6_2014) (22%)

    13-lug-2015 15.30.21

    , s.v. Philistion of Lokroi, in P. Keyser - G. Irby Massie (eds.), The Encyclopedia of Ancient ... in Ancient Greek Medicine. From Alcmaeon to Galen, Oxford 1973, 42; 86; C. Joubaud, Le corps human ... , s.v. Alkmaiōn of Krotōn, in Keyser - Irby-Massie (eds.), The Encyclopedia of Ancient Natural ... - Irby-Massie (eds.), The Encyclopedia of Ancient Natural Scientists, cit., 283-284. 39 Emp. 31 A.28 ... , in Keyser - Irby-Massie (eds.), The Encyclopedia of Ancient Natural Scientists, cit., 421. 43

  • 12. F.MattalianoLa parenesi bellica nella storiografia greca_Hormos2_2010_17-37 (22%)

    8-mar-2013 22.33.31

    , Homeric antecedents to the cohortatio in the ancient historians, «CW» LXXX (1987), 153-172, le parenesi ... , The ancient Dispute over Rhetoric in Homer, «AJPh» LXXVIII (1957), 23-35 e Keitel, Homeric antecedents, cit ... si parla dell’esortazione. 9 Secondo W. Fornara, The Nature of History in Ancient Greece and Rome ... , and Hellenism in Herodotus, in I. Malkin (Ed.), Ancient Perceptions of Greek Ethnicity, Cambridge and ... a un numero inferiore rispetto a quello degli opliti. 20 M.H. Hansen, The battle exhortation in ancient

  • 13. curriculum_BARTOLOTTA_ANNAMARIA (22%)

    12-dic-2017 12.24.00

    .). Universal Grammar in the Reconstruction of Ancient Languages. Studies in Generative Grammar 83. p ... ).   BARTOLOTTA A. (2016).  Can syntactic diagnostics function as tests for telicity in ancient Indo ... -41.   BARTOLOTTA A. (2015) (ed.),  Linguistic analysis and ancient Indo-European languages ... ). On deictic motion verbs in Homeric Greek. Proceedings of the International Ancient Greek ... dal titolo: Spatial representations of the future in Homeric Greek. Colloquium on Ancient Greek

  • 14. Indice_Mythos_10_2016 (21%)

    11-giu-2017 20.06.38

    I N D I C E Dossier Between Fate and Freedom: Ancient Positions on the Power of Gods ... Top in Ancient Rituals 215 S. Acerbo, Georges Dumézil e la psicologia storica: uno scambio ... per gli autori 4 C O N T E N T S Dossier Between Fate and Freedom: Ancient Positions ... in Ancient Egypt 31 A. von Lieven, Hemerology in Ancient Egypt 43 J.F. Quack, Conceptions of Fate ... Top in Ancient Rituals Reviews 231 J. et J.-Ch. Balty (éds), Franz Cumont Recherches

  • 15. 8.Francesco Toscano (Hormos7_2015) (21%)

    26-dic-2015 20.51.29

    , Hunting in the Ancient World, Berkeley – Los Angeles – London 1985. BALCER 1987 J. M. Balcer, Herodotus & Bisitun. Problems in Ancient Persian Historiography (Historia Einz. 49), Stuttgart ... , in A. Chaniotis – P. Ducrey (eds.), Army and Power in the Ancient World, Stuttgart 2002, 39 – 49

  • 16. cv_fusillo (21%)

    18-feb-2021 9.30.40

    », «Contemporanea», «Ancient Narrative», «Studi pasoliniani», «Reti, saperi, linguaggi», «Symbolon», «Atene ... ”, in E. Cueva, S. Harrison, H. Mason, W. Owens, S. Schwartz (eds), Re-Wiring the Ancient Novels ... Aesthetics, in M. P. Futre Pinheiro – S.J. Harrison (eds), Fictional Traces. Receptions of the Ancient Novel ... .), The Ancient Novel and Beyond, Leiden, Brill, 2003, pp. 413-424. 64) Clotilde Bertoni - Massimo Fusillo ... Philological Society, 1998, pp. 157-181 82) How Novels End. Some Patterns of Closure in Ancient

  • 17. Dispensa_Scaglione (19%)

    13-ott-2017 12.14.47

    could have been a contender. When they were more than just a provider of grain (for the Ancient Romans ... - back, eco-friendly boutique hotel on an ancient Sicilian country estate, with an excellent farm ... sommelier Benjamin Spenser of the Etna Wine School, who uses the Relais’s own vineyard and ancient ... Day 12 No need to rise early, as it’s little more than an hour’s drive to Borgo Alveria, an ancient ... of places associated with ancient art and culture, historical buildings and monuments. And of course, many

  • 18. 13_Clelia_Martinez-Maza_Hormos3ns_2011 (19%)

    8-mar-2013 22.32.55

    - K. Bradley. (Eds.), The Cambridge World History of Slavery: The Ancient Mediterranean World ... under Ptolemaic Rule, en M. Beard - J. North (Eds.), Pagan Priests. Religion and Power in the Ancient ... : Aspects of Religious Mentality in the Ancient World, Studies in Greek and Roman Religion 2, Leiden 1981 ... . Isid. 6; Porph. Abst. 4; Porph. apud. Eus. Praep. Evang. IV 23, 3; R.E. Witt, Isis in the Ancient ... . 33 H.S. Versnel, Religious Mentality in Ancient Prayer, en Versnel (Ed.), Faith, Hope and Worship

  • 19. 42 english version bando_2020 (19%)

    13-lug-2020 10.47.13

    . Luca Sineo , within the PRIN 2017 project “1000 Ancient Italian Genomes: Evidence from ancient ... , extraction and characterization of ancient DNA (aDNA) from subfossil, archaeological and museum ... of ancient DNA (aDNA) from subfossil, archaeological and museum finds - Description: The research ... and authentication of ancient genomes. With reference to the analytical part on aDNA, the programs ... project “1000 Ancient Italian Genomes: Evidence from ancient biomolecules for unraveling

  • 20. cv_miano pasquale (19%)

    16-feb-2021 15.40.58

    , Università di Roma, La Sapienza (marzo 2017) 3) P. MIANO (2016). Levels and strata of the Ancient Centre