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Unipa publishing initiatives


During the years, the University developed an interesting and rich publishing activity which recently resulted into some projects (Unipa Press, Unipa Springer Series) and which produced books, series, journals and working papers published by the various University structures.

The Regulation for University of Palermo journals (Regolamento per le riviste scientifiche di proprietà dell’Ateneo, di singoli dipartimenti o di centri interdipartimentali dell’Università degli Studi di Palermo ITA) has been recently issued by Rector's Decree no. 1578 of 1 April 2021, as a result of an ever-increasing attention to the complexity of scientific communication, to developments in Open Access and in order to promote consistent use of the University brand. The Regulation intends to enhance quality of Unipa publications,  promoting internationalization and ensuring a transparent review process.

To promote the knowledge and the use of these bibliographic resources, this page provides the description of current UNIPA publishing projects, of all series, journals and web projects, edited by the University, and a list of serial publications, with ISSN and “Università di Palermo” as author/publisher body, which are no more published. Finally, the page shows the links to the Departments’ webpages, providing news about their contributions to the editorial production.

Each title is accompanied by one or more links that allow the identification and location of the paper editions in UNIPA libraries and/or available for online consultation.


University publishing projects



Palermo University Press  is an editorial brand designed for the academic community of the University of Palermo, for the production of academic publications as well as for the creation of products for teaching support. The multidisciplinary editorial lines refer to university professors, researchers, postdocs, doctoral students and all the cultural realities surrounding the University, interested in publishing single works, series, journals, conference proceedings.

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Unipa Springer Series - ISSN 2366-7516  E-ISSN 2366-7524 This joint brand series, based on an agreement signed in 2013 by the University of Palermo and the Springer publishing house (the first in the Italian panorama and one of the first in the world) enables UNIPA scientific community to publish research and teaching works in English (monographs, manuals and advanced textbooks, conference proceedings, research works derived from doctoral theses, journals) The initiative is open to scholars from the University of Palermo and colleagues from other institutions whom they collaborate with.

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Publishing projects of UNIPA Departments



Agathón. International Journal of Architecture, art and design. ISSN 2464-9309  e-ISSN 2532-683X This open access journal hosts original research work in the fields of architecture, engineering, art and design in monographic issues.

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Annals of the juridical Seminar (AUPA) - ISSN 1972-8441 The oldest active journal of our University, hosts since 1912 writings of scholars of all the subjects taught in the Faculty of Law, now in the Department of Law, with a strong presence of Roman Law.

In the last years the themes range from the trial to private law, form public law to the history of sources and methodological issues. Annals are open to the contribution of Italian and foreign scholars from other Universities, guests of the colleagues of Palermo.

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Law and public issues  - ISSN 1825-0173 Journal on legal philosophy and juridical culture of the Department of Law. Monographic issues enrich public insight on themes related to law, philosophy and society, thanks to new contributions also in the form of critical discussion.

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dSEAS Working Papers - ISSN 2611-0172 The aim of this open access journal is the dissemination, towards a wide audience of academics and professionals, of original research works referable to the research agenda of the Department of economic, business and statistical science in the fields of economics, management, law, sociology, statistics. The members of DSEAS, visiting professors, doctoral students, participants to conferences and seminars organised by the Department are invited to present their works.

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Flora Mediterranea - ISSN 1120-4052   e-ISSN 2240-4538 P

The journal, published yearly by the Foundation “pro Herbario Mediterraneo” on behalf of OPTIMA, hosts works of bio-geography, floristry and systematic botany in the Mediterranean.

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GIURETA. Journal of economics, transportation and environment Law -  ISSN 1724-7322. This open access journal is published by the Law Branch of the Department of economic, business and statistical science of the University of Palermo. It hosts contributions on issues related to public law, general private law, commercial and economy law, transport and navigation law, international and community law as well as on interdisciplinary issues.

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InFolio - ISSN 1828-2482. Journal of the PhD in Architecture, Arts and Planning. Since 1994, it hosts the contributions of PhDs and doctoral students, primarily of the Department of Architecture, but also open to the members of the PhD Network.

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Mneme - ISSN 2532-1722. Papers of the Courses of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology, the series aims at strengthening the memory link between our society and the ancient world, making its cultural heritage alive and vital, giving voice and impetus to research, also by younger scholars, students and alumni.

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Mythos - ISSN 1972-2516. Related to the History of religions, founded in 2006 and published by Salvatore Sciascia Editore, Mythos is an interdisciplinary journal where the historical, philological, archaeological, anthropological and sociological approaches to ancient religions intertwine.

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Nuove musiche - ISSN 2531-7563    e-ISSN 2531-9094. The journal, born from the partnership between the Department of Humanities of the University of Palermo and the “Prometeo” Foundation of Rome, is published in multilingual edition, every six months, on paper and in digital version. Its object is the entire world area of today’s music, with a primary perspective on the Italian situation.

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Nuove autonomie - ISSN 1122-228X   e-ISSN 2282-7986 This Law review, published under the scientific direction of the Department of Law, hosts contributions on issues related to public administration, constitutional law and administrative law

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Rivista dell'Osservatorio permanente della giustizia tributaria - ISSN 2499-8702

This journal, published by the School of Legal and Economic-Social Science on behalf of the “Permanent observatory on taxation law” which has, among its partners, the University and the Association of tax magistrates, hosts contributions related to administrative law, constitutional law and to public administration issues.

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Pan - ISSN 0390-3141   E-ISSN 2284-0478 Latin philology journal of the Department “Culture e Società”, founded in 1973 by Giusto Monaco. The journal proposes articles and short essays related to Latin literature and to related subjects, and hosts contributions in the whole field of classical philology, covering the range of knowledge related to the antiquity, the Middle Ages and beyond.

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Quaderni di Ricerca in Didattica - E-ISSN 1592-4424 Multimedia and multilingual journal of the GRIM- Research Group on Teaching/Learning Mathematics. It hosts articles, essays, proceedings and multimedia products describing cases of study and significant experiences in the field of the research in mathematics, physics and chemistry teaching methodology, also under an interdisciplinary point of view. Papers are published in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. QRD encourages the submission of supplementary multimedia materials (videos, animations, data files, tables, images), to favour understanding and to present the results in an appealing way.

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teCLa - issues of Art Criticism and Literature It is an open access publishing project, consisting in a series, a journal and a repertoire of sources related to art criticism and literature, supported, in its different sections, by international scientific boards.


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teCLa rivista - ISSN 2038-6133 It hosts articles relating to art criticism and literature, from the Middle Ages to the Contemporary age, with specific attention toward theoretical insights in issues related to taste, methodology, to the history of collecting, to museology, restoration and artistic techniques..    

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teCLa Collana The series provides the six-monthly publication of monographies. 

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teCLa repertorio collects papers on art history and literature. It includes a bio-bibliographic section and a section on information sources. Searches can be made through a dedicated search engine. In progress.  

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