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MathSciNet is an electronic publication offering access to a carefully maintained and easily searchable database of reviews, abstracts and bibliographic information for much of the mathematical sciences literature. Over 100,000 new items are added each year, most of them classified according to the Mathematics Subject Classification. Authors are uniquely identified (by their MR Author ID), enabling a search for publications by individual author rather than by name string. Continuing in the tradition of the paper publication, Mathematical Reviews (MR), which was first published in 1940, expert reviewers are selected by a staff of professional mathematicians to write reviews of the current published literature; over 80,000 reviews are added to the database each year. Extending the MR tradition, MathSciNet® contains almost 3 million items and over 1.7 million direct links to original articles. Bibliographic data from retrodigitized articles dates back to the early 1800s. Reference lists are collected and matched internally from approximately 550 journals, and citation data for journals, authors, articles and reviews is provided. This web of citations allows users to track the history and influence of research publications in the mathematical sciences.
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Area disciplinare: Matematica, Informatica
Tipologia di risorsa: banca dati bibliografica e citazionale con accesso al full-text ove disponibile
Modalità di accesso: banca dati accessibile da tutte le postazioni dell'Ateneo o a distanza tramite VPN
Consistenza: spoglio di oltre 550 periodici con oltre 2 milioni di citazioni di articoli scientifici
Editore: American Mathematical Society
Tutorial: tutorial su YouTube [eng]
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