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ICAR03-Sanitary and Environmental Engineering - Research


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Research projects


The research topics currently investigated, are:


  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment:

Application of innovative and advanced technologies for wastewater treatment (membrane bioreactors, biofilm systems; granular sludge, sequencing batch reactors), for sludge treatment and minimization, for the improvement of plants energetic efficiency.

Bacterial population dynamics and remedial methods for facing activated sludge dysfunctions. Use of tracers for hydrodynamic evaluation of tanks and channels for water and wastewater treatment.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from treatment plants, natural treatment systems, dewaterability of sludge resulting from advanced treatment plant, dynamic simulation models of biological processes.

  •  Waste Treatment, waste biomasses and implications on environment quality

Unconventional thermal treatment (pyrolysis); aerobic and anaerobic biochemical processes for material and energy recovering; environmental impact and risk assessment. Analysis of production, main characteristics and appropriate treatment of sanitary waste, waste from electric and electronic equipment (WEEE), landfill leachate, and wastewater from shipboard activities (slops).

  •  Quality of urban drainage stormwater

Formation processes of pollution loads (build-up and wash-off, sediment erosion in sewer systems), field gathering campaigns with data acquisition and processing.

  • Superficial waters

Dynamic simulation and experimental campaigns aimed at evaluating solutions for eutrophic lakes remediation. Gathering field campaigns for the evaluation of coastline water quality and pollutants diffusion modelling.

  • Assessment of water quality at river basin scale

Build-up of integrated mathematical models for the evaluation of pollution loading rates at river basin scale, taking into account both punctual and diffused sources. Assessment of the receiving water bodies quality. Minimum flow assessment.

  • Technologies for remediation of contaminated soils

Chemical, biological technologies for the remediation of soils contaminated by organic and inorganic compounds (among others Permeable reactive Barriers and Biobarriers); health and environmental risk analysis assessment, screening test for technology applicability.

  • Fate and transport models for contaminated soils

Development of simplified models for risk assessment, dynamic models for simulation of solid waste landfills, methods definition for exposure reduction to contaminants. Diffused emissions measurement and modeling.

Research projects: