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Summer School Climate change and environmental pollution and restoration




Summer School

Climate change and environmental pollution and restoration

June 25-29, 2018 – Palermo, Italy



25 June

Prof. Peter Wadhams

University of Cambridge, UK

Global change and environmental effects


26 June

Eng. Silvia Comba

Syndial - ENI, Italy

Development of nano and micro-scale zero-valent iron technology for aquifer remediation: measurements, modeling and mechanisms


Prof. Roberto Danovaro

Marche Polytechnic University, Italy

Biodiversity response to climate change


Prof. Barbara Sherwood Lollar

University of Toronto, Canada

New lines of research in remediation of contaminated sites


27 June

Dr. Marco Capodici and Dr. Daniele Di Trapani- Palermo University, Italy

Permeable bio-barriers for nitrates removal from groundwater


Prof. Francesco Vitale and Dr. Carmelo M. Maida

Palermo University, Italy

Health risks due to water and soil pollution


Prof. Andrea Pace

Palermo University, Italy

Environmental organic photochemistry


Prof. Paola Quatrini

Palermo University, Italy

Exploring microbial diversity for bioremediation purposes


28 June

Prof. Gaetano Di Bella and Prof. GaspareViviani

Enna Kore University, Italy - Palermo University, Italy

Contaminated marine sediments: characterization and techniques for their remediation or disposal


Eng. Alessia Avona

Palermo University, Italy

Ex-situ treatments of contaminated soil in bioslurryreactors


Prof. Mariachiara Zanetti

Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy

Environmental analysis of the ILVA plant in Taranto


Prof. Francesco Pirozzi

University of Naples Federico II, Italy

The environmental conditions of the Campania Plain: "Land of Fires" or "Campania Felix"?


Prof. Federico Vagliasindi

Catania University, Italy

Contaminated sites of National Interest: the case of Bagnoli


29 June

Prof. Rajandrea Sethi

Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy

Introduction to transport phenomena in porous media


Prof. Tiziana Tosco

Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy

Remediation of contaminated groundwaters with nanoparticles


Prof. Nicola Gullo

Palermo University, Italy

Legal aspects of environmental pollution