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Génétique des textes et système chaotique


Textual genetics and chaotic system Although we share Louis Hay's idea that it is impossible to homologate and systematize the operations which can be observed in manuscripts, it is however possible to interpret whatever creation process in terms of the passage from entropy to order. The possibility of an analogy between text and chaotic system had been advanced by Noëlle Batt according to whom each work actually satisfies the principles of the chaotic system. It is starting from such principles that we will try to show the analogy between chaotic system and textual genetics: 1. The fact that we are dealing with an evolving system (with variables and permanent features) endowed with a temporal dynamics. 2. The paradoxical association of determinism and unpredictability. 3. The alternation of ordered and disordered sentences. 4. The sensitivity to initial inner situations. 5. Strange attractor.