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Potere signorile, consenso, dissenso e controllo del territorio nella Sicilia del Trecento: l’esempio dei Chiaromonte


The essay analyses the reasons why the governments created by Chiaromonte family in the cities of eastern Sicily failed, and investigates the cause of their success in the long lasting urban signorie of western Sicily. To create consensus, they had to ensure the supply of grain for the population, to defend the territory from external attacks, and to maintain public order. In addition to military prowess, they used their speaking skills to influence citizens and showed a magnificent lifestyle by building imposing palaces, celebrating sumptuous weddings and funerals, and commissioning works of art. They created spy networks and used violent methods to repress dissent (imprisonment, torture, death penalty, exile). In the sources, the supporters consider them magnifici domini, the detractors brand them as usurpers and tyrants.