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S. Maria di Valverde tra mercanti e artigiani nella Palermo dei secoli XIV e XV


In the fourteenth century the convent of S. Maria di Valverde of Palermo depended on the priorate of Messina. It was linked to craft and merchant classes and had close relationships with the Friars Preachers and the confraternity of Penitent women of S. Lucia. In the fourteenth century the vicar became provincialessa of all the Sicilian convents citra et ultra Farum and in S. Maria di Valverde tensions between nuns of different factions arose. They were also due to the opposition between the Dominicans, close to the nuns, and the archbishop of Palermo linked to the Benedictines of San Martino. In the papal documents we can trace the different influences that conditioned the convent of S. Maria di Valverde, because it was alternatively considered a convent of the Augustinian Order, Benedictine or Cistercian.