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A multi-analytical non-invasive and micro-invasive approach to canvas oil paintings. General considerations from a specific case

  • Autori: Saladino, M.; Ridolfi, S.; Carocci, I.; CHILLURA MARTINO, D.; Lombardo, R.; Spinella, A.; Traina, G.; Caponetti, E.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2017
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista (Articolo in rivista)
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The investigation of artwork to understand story, state of conservation and to know about the composing materials is an issue that is getting growing attention in specialized literature. Froma methodological point of view the scientific community is trying to reach a common proposal that could contribute to define a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the application of portable non-invasive and microinvasive techniques for in-situ analyses. In this paper the oil painting on canvas “St. Girolamo nello studio” by Nicolò Buttafoco was investigated to known the materials and techniques used by the artist as well as to evaluate its preservation status. The survey has been conducted by applying in situ non-destructive techniques. Depending on specific questions arising during the survey, microsamples were taken and analyzed by micro-destructive techniques. The applied methodology to the specific painting can be considered an application of best practices useful to define the SOP. The obtained information were preparatory to the restoration work and have been used to plan and direct the relative choices.